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This is not about being brilliant, or extraordinary, it's not about wanting to be famous, or making headlines, or trying to impress...this about sharing a 'gift' each day with the lift the spirit of people when they read this blog, to show them the beauty in the ordinary.
"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Monday, May 10, 2010

J.  I have a passion for 'first books'.  Not that authors don't improve as they publish more, but it seems all their enthusiasm, expectation, energy is released in that first novel.
So here are two firsts that I have read and re-read many times...and loved every second of it.

if you spend most of your life alone you do not know that you are lonely....
A shimmering first novel of self-discovery, of redemption from numb solitude, and of the matchless consolations to be found in human connection and spiritual nourishment, Miss Garnet's Angel limnswith uncommon subtlety and an engaging, often subversive witthe thematic parallels and intersections that bind an ancient tale from the Apocrypha to a modern-day narrative about a retired British spinster on sojourn in Venice. A word-of-mouth bestseller and a critics' favorite on both sides of the Atlantic, Salley Vickers' resonant debut achieves something that has become all too rare in recent years: a wholesale blurring of the line distinguishing the "popular" from the "literary" on today's fiction shelves.   Daniel Eshom.

He saw her across the Piazza San Marco and fell in love from afar. When he sees her again in a Venice cafĂ© a year later, he knows it is fate. He knows little English; and she, a divorced American chef, speaks only food-based Italian. Marlena thinks she is incapable of intimacy, that her heart has lost its capacity for romantic love. But within months of their first meeting, she has packed up her house in St. Louis to marry Fernando—"the stranger," as she calls him—and live in that achingly lovely city in which they met.



  1. Jacqueline...thank you so much for stopping by and for adding me to your list, so nice of you!
    I am blown away by you and your sisters blog...such a wonderful read, and I'm looking forward to getting to know it and you both much better!
    Have a wonderful week...
    xo Jessica~

    Oh yes, and thanks for the book recommendations, haven't read either, they both sound perfect!

  2. So love that you stopped by! Especially because you have to go to At Home in PT. A girlfriend (you would love her) is building a home in Port Townsend....soooooo close. You need to talk!


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