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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J.  One of our local breeders has a litter of American Bulldogs for sale.  I am so tempted, I love these dogs.  Shall I?  Shan't I.  It's been almost 13 years since we've had a I even remember how to train a puppy?  What to do!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your crown molding! How gorgeous it is! Is that one or a combination of multiple styles?

    Pete has talked me into "finishing" the attic area now so that all this type of work doesn't have to go on later with all the dust, tromping on floors with dirty feet, etc.

    I've been through what you're going through & I so feel for you! Several of my friends say the same thing - we dread ANY workman coming in after years of remodeling experiences. But LOVE the finished product!

    And as to the dog - GET ONE!!! As I'm sure you remember, there's nothing like a loving dog in the household. They ooze love and ask so little in return. And s/he would love to go on your walks with you! I'm already looking for another one for when the house is completed - a labradoodle or a goldendoodle. Keep us posted...

  2. Picture on the left - I'm in love with it. Picture on the right, I would be worrying about the postman's balls.

  3. Tom...this breed is bold and inquisitive but have stable temperaments without being overy aggressive, they just need to be raised with love. Good grief!...I think I just described myself!

  4. Hi Sis...just on a break before our afternoon session...please please get this little darling...our lives are so full of synchronicity...just last night I sent katie a quick email before bed and told her that I am ready for my new puppy to come...there is a little dog here called Molly a black and white cross black lab with border collie who I have fallen in love with and she told me my puppy was coming to me from her (not literally)...I have even chosen a name for her...Sophie.
    She's on her way to me J.
    and I so love that this desire has manifested in your life at the same as me. Love you.

  5. When you described yourself above, J, does that mean that the postman walks up to your door without fear, or without hope?

  6. I'm so happy we weren't living in our house for all the wood working that went on (among other things). I'm still vacuuming sawdust off of walls AND ceilings! We vacuum, then swiffer, then wipe with a damp cloth...quite the workout!

    Your molding looks spectacular and I have to say...well worth the pain it has been to put it in. Really stunning!

    And as for the pup...yew yes yes! Adorable!

  7. I meant yes yes yes! No "yew" was supposed to be in there! I truly try to edit but they slip past me none the less...

  8. Hmmmm. No fear or no hope, isn't that the same thing?

  9. P.S. As to training - the crate! Did it with Bear after years of "newspaper training" with other dogs and it's a "breeze". They LOVE their crates too.

    And anyway - what a silly question. The dog will train YOU! ;)

  10. Well you know my take on this!!! I fully support your decision to add another member to your family. But you need to have that connection with him/her. There are so many dogs that need homes, follow your heart and it will lead you to your soul mate! It did for me:) Murray is perfect:) oh ya and Paul too:)

  11. Kate...I know a rescue pup is really the answer. UR and I are still mulling the idea over, we have a ways to go with this yet.


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