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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Olde Angel Inn

We have a lovely little pub in our neighbourhood...

that has a lot of supposed history

Hosted by a darling couple, Barry and Nancy

who even let their kids work there

this is Steph

and Tayna.

The have a great night manager Graham

who is organizing the World Cup how come he let these guys in?

when we know who the real stars will be

(that's London Pride she's drinking!)

I'm not really a footie fan, but,'s the World Cup, and 1966 was a long time ago...



  1. Do you think the US will ever "get" soccer/football? Went to some World Cup matches in Dallas when they hosted. WILD group, but so genuinely enthusiastic.

    BTW, how's the closet coming?

  2. Adorable place...adorable people! Go England!!!

    Love all the pink! xo J~

  3. Not much visual progress Lili...still at the mudding and taping stage. Drying is a bit of an issue in all this humid weather. Jerry is coming to sand tomorrow (oh joy) and hang the doors on Sunday, so I'll post a photo then.
    Generally you have to play a game to get it, so until N America embraces the game at a youth level, there really isn't much hope of a following.
    Luckily, here in Canada there, there are enough transplants who played soccer (or football as it's really called because you really do kick the thing instead of throw it and run with it in your arms!!!) as kids that there is a following here .

  4. That looks a great pub - despite the football. I love real places like that. The landlord/lady look just the right mix of friendly/no nonsense too. So do their daughters... Oh, England - WW2 and 1966 is all we have left... sob...

  5. It's a lovely spot Tom...just have to make sure we don't go there too often!


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