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Monday, June 21, 2010

Radishes and Roosters!!

V. This may seem like a strange place to begin to speak of the last 10 days away, but our food at Summerhill was simply divine. Our host/teacher brought her daughter Meadow in to do all the cooking, three incredibly delicious meals a day for 10 days. She took our taste buds on travels around the world, each meal began with a prayer and then each dish delightfully described in detail by Meadow.
On one of our travels to France Meadow served her homegrown organic radishes. Stunningly displayed on a platter with their green leaf tops overflowing, these ruby gems, round and fat were served with Irish butter and Celtic salt.
The French have been honouring this vegetable for years by serving it as an aperitif along with sipping a wonderful chilled white wine.
Slice the radish in half and cover its glistening white centre with butter, then sprinkle with the salt. The combination of the crisp of the radish, the soft sweetness of the butter and the tang of the salt create a flavour sensation in the mouth. Truly a simple yet delicious experience.
At the end of the meal I was given the honour to collect the radish tops and deliver them to the chickens as these birds, who must have French heritage, consider these greens a real treat.

Radishes and Roosters who would have known would be waiting for me here!

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  1. 'These are a few of my favourite things'? I'm going to try that!

  2. Sounds delicious and how beautiful is that! You would have all the guests buzzing at a cocktail party with that one :)


  3. Definitely prefer radishes to roosters :)
    that recipe sounds delicious!

    Have a terrible phobia of them since I was attacked by one as a child...


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