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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lessons from Summerhill

'People don't care how much you know
Until they know how much you care'


  1. Wow! It was worth going just to bring that lesson back.
    Exactly what happened to me yesterday with Wally the plumber. He was very defensive (he installed the exhaust line that is failing) and reluctant to accept the 'diagnosis', until I was prepared to listen to how difficult a job installing this particular line was.
    Once he knew that I 'cared', both about the pride he takes in his work, and also about getting the whole thing fixed, he softened and we worked together on the 'temporary' solution.
    HE is, however, in charge of the ultimate fix!

  2. Cro and I were taught (part-time, complimetary) by a philosophy teacher from Summerhill - 40 years ago. John Lavery was his name, and he was prematurely grey, because (he said) of the original troubles there. I spent about 1 year on about 10 pages of Witgenstein....

  3. Jaqueline and Victoria - thank you for that quote - life in a nutshell. The world revolves with people like Wally around.

  4. Tom and Molly help me out here! Please!

    Not sure if I left my brain in California but Tom....where is the Summerhill that you are referring too?...and what is Witgenstein? and should I be reading more of your comment somewhere?

    Molly what is 'Wally around'?

    Sorry guys I'm confused and blonde!!!!!!

  5. V. Wally was my my post again, slowly, with a cup of tea. Witgenstein was a philosopher that I think gave Tom difficulties.
    I don't think your brain is still in California, but I am seeing signs of jet-lag (can that happen when you travel in the same time-zone).
    You do make me laugh!

  6. stomach muscles are hurting from laughing at myself!
    Thanks for the explanation J.
    I think the fog from San Francisco landed in my head!!!!

  7. See what happens when you wally around!


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