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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Peachy

Today was Niagara on the Lake's Peach Festival

our high street was closed to traffic for All Things Peach.



jams and relish.

A peach pie contest

They were tasting pie number 7 of 17 when I was there!

Serious comments...

Beautiful singers...

and a sexy choir mistress.

Santa in August?

locally grown corn on the cob

cooking in two antique steam engines


Happy to say the EMTs had absolutely nothing to do.

Merchants had their wares for sale

and all in celebration of this glorious fruit


  1. Dear Peachy Santa:
    I would like...
    I basket of fresh peaches
    I peach pie
    4 jars of peach jam
    a ride in that train while eating corn
    I pair of those fabulous summer sandals...size 7
    and a pink balloon!
    love V.

  2. What a brilliant day out! Love all your pictures J.

  3. Love your list sis...and yes Molly...a great day!


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