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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink - The Challenge


Here's my entry for Razmataz's Photo Challenge.

Sort of appropo seeing as I had my bi-annual mammogram this morning.
Who designed those machines anyway?


  1. That's very clever, sweetpea. Just dropped by from the pink challenge. Nice to meet ya, honey...

  2. Jacqueline, Such a meaningful photo. I hope all checks out well on your mammo.......You would think if we have put an man on themoon for over 50 years we could have invented something other than a Panini Maker to examine a breast!

  3. Perfect Pink Post!

    Panini Pressed Boobies and all..... :-0



  4. oh dear...don't ya just hate mammograms!! i'll cross my fingers for good results! i love how your crystal platter is all sparkly in the back ground.
    have a good weekend,
    new follower here...

  5. Oh how I love your post! True, it must have been a man who designed those machines and a man with no feelings.....LOL :) Kit

  6. Such a strong symbol and the perfect shade of pink. Tamara :)

  7. Wonderful pink post
    I had mine a few weeks back... and have to admit my first in ten years!! luckily everything was swell!!

    Have a lovely weekend. xx Julie

  8. Fingers crossed for everyone's mammograms all the time. 'They' did inform me this time, because I am on the shady-side of 55 and with a sister and dad having succumbed to the dreaded disease, that now I have to have one every year. I'm going to do a bit of homework before I agree...I was told the new digital machines have 25% less radiation, but I don't know how significant this is.
    What I would like to know is the success rate of mammogram screening in early detection and therefore treatment. Stay tuned gals...I'll let you know what I find out.
    And thanks Chania for organizing this...see what we get to discuss!

  9. J - What a brilliant picture. Hope your mammogram results are good. Those contraption things they use remind me of those old fashioned mangles our mothers used to wring the clothes out with!!

  10. I'm pretty sure a guy invented the mammogram machine!! Although I've never had one myself, I've heard that it's not the most enjoyable experience. Hope yours turns out fine :-)

    I have no idea why Hell's Point is named that. All I can think of is that the people who live there wanted to keep it all to themselves, so they gave it an unappealing name so nobody would ever want to go there :-)


  11. Mangles...panini presses...OMG, something needs to be done to improve this process!
    Take good care of your Victoria Kelly.


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