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Monday, September 6, 2010

Excuse the Indulgence...

There's a wonderful lush hush hanging in the air this complete, little family is still sleeping. I sit alone in the kitchen, sipping hot, delicious coffee and it occurs to me this is a very special day.  

When your children grow up and create their own lives, opportunities to be together become more and more rare.

This is especially apparent to me this morning.  You see there's a teardrop in my heart as our youngest daughter and her hubby prepare to move away.  

We've been doing this as a family, for the past 15 years...moving apart, coming back together...moving apart, coming back together.  This last reunion was wonderful, three fabulous years when we all lived in the same city, but as Life has a habit of doing, she brought her sister Change to our doorstep yet again.

So we will deal with the separation, the long-distance phone bills, the mad-dash, last-minute flight arrangements...and in the meanwhile, I will savour this wonderful day when we all sleep under one roof, under my roof, and I get to hold them all.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. The favourite times is when the 4 of us are all together sleeeping in the same house. Not often, but so wonderful when it happens.

  2. Such a sweet post, makes me want to go hug my children! xx

  3. What a touching and heartfelt post Jacqueline. Be content in your moment. hugs♥olive

    p.s. I added you to my blog roll so now I can keep up with you!

  4. Hug those you love...hold them close. Right now is all we have.

  5. J - you're so right to treasure the moment. All the best to your daughter and her husband on their new venture. They're only ever going to be a thought away from you!

  6. Oh Jacqueline...I have a lump in my throat, I know all those feelings so well...right down to wishing that morning could just go on and on. You have given your daughter a wonderful gift...she is willing to explore and better yet she found someone who shares her zest.

    I wish you well as you readjust your life....

    Jeanne xx

    PS..I sent my daughter back to University in Christchurch, New Zealand just as an earthquake was taking place. What we mother's have to go thru for these adventurous children!

  7. I know..I'm being a soppy Mum..this is such a positive opportunity for the two of them. heart is in my mouth for you. Sent daughter #1 to school in Pittsburgh when we were living in earthquakes there, thank goodness.
    Can't blame the adventurous children...I started all this moving!

  8. I just hate it - this not being together. I started it when I left home (PA) at 21, never to return or live near my folks, seeing them only a week or two a year.

    Now it's payback as my two live clear across the country. At least for the first time in 7 years they live in the same city. Now if they would just stay put I would move to them....

    Christmas is coming- I will just have to wait....


  9. Unfortunately Suzan, it is the world we live in. I think I'm more disturbed by the girls now living apart (again) than Jess being away from me.
    ...and if you moved to them...something would happen and they would move just can't follow your kids.


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