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Saturday, October 16, 2010


this is an actual McDonalds print ad from Japan

Just to keep the score even, the day we moved into our apartment in Tokyo, exhausted, frustrated and homesick, I took our youngest daughter down the street to our local McDonalds.  It was about the only place I knew how to get to and back from and something identifiable to eat was sorely needed by both of us.

When we arrived at the restaurant, both crying our eyes out by now, we were confronted by the electronic door which had a hand-pad that you had to touch to operate.  In my state of distress, I couldn't seem to figure this out and just kept walking back and forth trying to make the door somehow magically open.

Inside a little Japanese girl (why are they always little?) was busy having her lunch, watching this pantomime play out outside.  Eventually, she got up, opened the door and showed me, mime-fashion, how to operate this ever-so complicated piece of equipment.

If the Universe is beneficent, and I believe it is, right now that very same little Japanese girl, some nineteen years down the road, is blogging to her friends about how a western mother and her daughter were ACTUALLY crying because they couldn't get the door open at McDonalds, and having a top laugh!


  1. I can almost feel the frustration.

  2. I hate to run the risk of being accused of racism again, J, but the Japanese are truly a bonkers nation. Would you allow your baby child to be painted in this way by an American multi-national, after two atomic bombs have been dropped on you by the same nation?

  3. The Japanese have a way of embracing all that comes their way Tom, so I'm sure, by now, they believe McDonalds is every much Japanese as it is American.
    I'm choosing to believe that's harmless vegetable dye too...they love their babies as much as we do.
    And as for being a racist Tom...I don't think so. You make comment after considered observation, of which you are as entirely entitled as the next person...doesn't mean you are right though!

  4. You have a wonderful way with words.
    I could feel your homesickness.
    Thank you for your visits to my blog-

    White Spray Paint

  5. Even scarier when you see who's commissioned it...

  6. I can tell you I know that would happen to me! I have never heard of a door opening like that !
    and yikes... that photo is creepy!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. I hear the golden arches are taking on a new meaning in Hong Kong...apparently you now can get married there, they even provide the wedding cake, all for under $500!!
    I can't imagine anything worse...oh wait, a Vegas wedding!!

  8. Yeah V...don't think I would choose either!


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