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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Junk Drawer


is Razmataz's photo challenge this week.

My best friend's daughter is a fabric artist in Vancouver.  She once created a whole series of work based on this topic.  Erin believes that you can see who someone is through their Junk Drawer.

She created a piece from this collection as a wedding gift for my daughter and-son-in-law.  It depicted Nelson's pocket full of the junk of their new life in the making.  Beautiful.

Erin says her mother's junk drawer is her car.  I have travelled in this vehicle many times, and as pristine as this woman is, she doesn't hesitate to throw her finished Tim Horten's coffee cup or muffin wrapper on the floor.  She half-jokingly adds you could pretty much find a full-meal in front of the passenger seat.

You see, my friend Petra is one of the most generous-hearted people I know.  She spends a lot of time in her car, driving from activities to volunteer work; trips to spend time with her mother or to visit with me; and then there are the times she willingly loans her car to one of her kids.  I know if I phoned her right now and just said "come", she would be behind the wheel in a questions asked.
I believe her junk-drawer-car is evidence of her unfaltering generosity.

Ever since Erin's project, I've thought a lot about this topic and I can genuinely say
I don't have a junk drawer. 
I've moved home so many times that I have a curious relationship with stuff.  I only have space in my heart and my home for the precious.  If it doesn't have meaning for me, I get rid of it.  If it's important, I file it, if it's not, I trash it.  You could go through every handbag I own, every pocket of every article of clothing I have and you would find ...nothing.
I make my husband very nervous a lot of the time about this.  He has junk drawer after junk drawer.  He keeps everything, every silly piece of paper, every faded-so-much-you-can't-read-it-receipt...probably in direct reaction to how much I toss.

I'm still not exactly sure what my lack of a Junk Drawer says about me, something about space and freedom, maybe even secrecy...I'm not sure.  I'm still trying to figure that, and a lot of other things, out about myself.

Thanks Chania...once again, you've made me think, long and hard.

Oh, and the picture, that's my best friend Petra.

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  1. Terrific post girl.....just terriifc.



  2. Oh, I loved this post and your friend, Petra, indeed sounds like a gem. Ann

  3. J - I enjoyed reading your post and can identify with it - my Beloved is very much like yours in that he has LOTS of junk drawers. He's just said that his legs are a long way from his arms and he has trouble picking things up - that's why he married me!

  4. Fun post. I don't have a junk drawer - that would drive Hubby completely over the edge. I guess my cardboard treasure chest (which belonged to my grandmother) is close to having a junk drawer. Pure joy to me - complete trash to anybody else. :)

    Thanks for popping by my blog. I really have been having a difficult time with this 'retired' place in life. 30 years raising my sweet children - and now they all live far away, and a career that I worked very hard for. Poof, gone, & onto new beginnings!

    Wishing you a great weekend,

  5. Loved it! Our junk drawers are the mirrors of our soul. Kit

  6. Love that her car is her junk drawer...thank you for telling us about your friend. I enjoyed that.

  7. I wish some of your resolve could be given to my Joe and me. We are terrible collectors of stuff. Lovely post.

  8. Hello Jaqueline....!

    I hope this note finds you enjoying a relaxing weekend Lovey....! THANK YOU for your LOVELY note re Chania's last challenge....I'm CHUFFED you popped in for a visit....!!

    I'm SO envious you DON'T have a junk drawer....I was actually thinking the other day I need to MAKE TIME (** read DAYS **) to clean mine out....!!

    Your Friend & her Junk Drawer 'car' sounds like a TRUE Treasure with a VERY giving heart....!! THANK HEAVENS for Friends like these hey....??!!

    Well I must away....I look for to visiting you again soon....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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