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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I adore cheese.
Pretty much any kind, but even I can figure out
something that heavenly needs to be treated with respect and thus eaten in

What is wrong then with an organization called the US Dairy Management?
According to an article by Michael Moss in today's New York Times,
this organization, a marketing creation of the United States Department of Agriculture,
has been consulting with the likes of Domino's Pizza to develop a new line of pizzas with 40% more cheese and is now providing $12 million to market it.

This same United States Department of Agriculture that is presently hosting the federal anti-obesity campaign.

All this, apparently to find a use for the excess whole milk and extracted milk fats now that the US has finally developed a taste for low-fat and skim milk.

Are you following me around this circle?

How do these people sleep at night?


  1. I am currently reading "The Reluctand Omnivore" on the chapter about the production of corn in the USA. Because "politically relevant" companies like Coca Cola rely on cheap sugar in the form of corn syrup, the government had promoted the growing of corn to the point that cattle now eat it (un natural) and they now live on feed lots pumped full of antibiotics and antacids due to this diet. Corn is aparently in so many foods and products, it has taken over farmland. And all grown with susibies that bascially subidise large industry.

    Sorry to go on, but your post is along the same lines of this book. I am appalled by what I am reading in this book, and more appaled at the government for allowing things to get so far out of hand and I really fear for the future and could cry for the animals.

    Thank you for an interesting post.


  2. The Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollen) Raz?
    I read this about three years ago...was so disgusted at CAFOs I didn't touch meat until this past summer (when my doctor told me anemia was becoming an issue).
    More people need to hear about your enthusiasm.
    Have you checked out
    p.s. I won't touch anything with high fructose corn syrup in it (and believe me, it's in a lot of stuff), for the animals' sake as much as mine.
    Let's let the cattle eat grass...better for them, better for us. So be it if there is less meat...better for them, better for us!

  3. Sorry, I got the name wrong. The Omnivore's dilemma is the correct name.

    I am so saddened by the plight of animals in this country. And Linda McCartney used to protest the seal hunt in Canada. Why is no one protesting feed lots. At the cottage we buy grass fed beef and it is amazing. One can forget what it should taste like.

    I don't eat processed food as I have an alergy to some preservative or somethimg in certain foods, as well as being against them. It is hard to find things sometimes that are not processed.

    I am not sure of the solution. If there is one. And I am not sure why there isn;t more of an out cry. See you've got me going again.....

  4. We all need to 'get going' about this...yes, our intolerances and allergies are because our 'food' isn't food anymore, it's stuff our bodies can't recognize. Give me grass-fed cattle, real bread, full fat butter and cheese and vegetables that come out of the and I will eat, as Pollen says food, not too much, mostly plants".
    Spread the word Chania...this is important!

  5. I agree with Jacqueline. Stay away from processed food, and eat in moderation. So simple really. Better for us and the environment. :) xx I still like wine and real butter!

  6. Ok.... Jacqueline and've got posts for Project Genesis in this! Way too valuable info not to share. I may skip Dec and Jan because of all the holiday crunch for everyone so how about February? You guys could work in tandem and get some great links together.

    How do they sleep at night? I bet they sleep just great along with with all the other immoral execs who care more about the bottom line than doing what is morally correct. There is nothing wrong with profit, but not at the cost of our health, our environment, our futures.... corn subsidies in the US have negatively impacted for decades...let's face it, so many consumers just don't care..they prefer fast easy cheap.... sigh



  7. Yes, I follow you, but sadly LOVE cheese! ha! All kidding aside, I just read the other comments too, and am saddened by it all! But then politics has me in the dumpers lately too... not knowing where our country is headed with all that is going on. So, food aside, it boggles the mind to think that an easy solution is in front of the right thing! If in food, agriculture,...for the good of the country...just do the right thing...make the best decisions and the future for our children will be there. It's really plain to see what the right decisions are...why does no one stand up for it?$?

  8. this is probably the only thing J. and I differ on...I'm just not that fond of cheese, but I am passionate about healthy food. Keep up the good work J. keep spreading the word!


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