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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food & Drink

Here in Ontario, we have the LCBO
the Liquor Control Board of Ontario

All alcohol purchases have to be made at an LCBO-approved location and they do all the importing and retailing of alcohol in the province.

A large part of the cost of alcohol here goes to taxation...sin taxes, but still we have great selection from around the world and some beautiful stores.  My favourite is the converted train station at
Summerhill in Toronto.

They run cooking classes and wine tastings and it's a very cool place to visit.

But the best, the very best, part of the LCBO is this:

the Food and Drink Magazine.

I salivate at the thought of every issue.
It contains the most fabulous photography,
brilliant articles on food, wines, beer, cocktails,
seasonal articles.

I have never been disappointed by a recipe for a dish or a cocktail...

the art direction is breathtaking...

and best of's free.

Excuse me...I just picked up this issue with my bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to have with the stuffed peppers we are having for dinner tonight...
Catch you later...

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  1. Oh Jacqueline, thank you for reminding me to go over and get a copy. I love this magazine. The marketing and ad guys sure got this right.

  2. I'm with J., I love this magazine...we have our version out here, but it's not as good as the Ontario one...sigh! post some more pics and recipes J...pleeeease!

  3. Certainly saliva inducing fare! Your dinner sounds much the same. Do you like NZ Sauv blancs? I'm an Aussie, but do think the Kiwi folk have particularly nice white wine. :)

  4. When I visited Ontario, they told me that the taxes paid on alcohol and cigarettes ('Sin-Tax') were still paying for the Olympic games, whenever that was. True?

  5. What a lovely building and a civilized way of life. We'll all visit you.

  6. Hurry over Chania...if your local LCBO is anything like ours, they run out quickly...they've even started posting a one-per-customer sign.
    Yes...hic!....Suzan, I think I will!
    I promise Sis...I'll scan and post as soon as I finish reading.
    Sonia...Oyster Bay and Cloudy Bay are two of my favourite NZ whites!
    I thought it was sometime around 2006 that Montreal-ers made the final payment on the 1976 stadium, but it wouldn't surprise me Tom that somewhere in all that sin money the provincial and federal collect, a portion was still paying for those games. The winter games in Calgary (1988), conversely, made a huge profit. Not sure where the bill stands for the 2010 Vancouver snow-show...from everything I'm reading at the moment, it's a bit of a moving target.
    Mise...would be lovely to have you visit the Great White North.


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