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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kindle from Amazon


or maybe there is room in our lives for both?

What do you think?


  1. Goodmorning J. the more I think about this, the more I think there is room in our lives for both. I think if I fell in love with a book I read on the kindle I would go to the bookstore and purchase it to keep forever, or give as a gift or pass on to a friend. And I have to say they must be marvellous when travelling, I know that I had to leave some books in Paris when I was staying there as I just didn't want to pay the extra dollars for the extra weight in my luggage...sigh! The only thing I'm not fond of is holding an electronic device in my hands for any length of time and I heard from a friend who has one that the only thing she didn't like about the kindle was the complaints from her husband when she read in bed late at night because every time she turned a page the kindle gave a loud clicking sound!

  2. Okay V...this is modern has to come with a mute button! I'm re-thinking know me and books, but I think I could get my head around a kindle for reading on the tube or bus and especially for traveling. There's also all those books that I've bought and realized that I didn't want to keep.
    I've friends who have IPads and just love them for reading on too, especially newspapers. So, yes...I vote both!

  3. One can smell a book,it was wood and once alive.
    The stains and creases tell their own stories.
    The signatures of old have history.The original price is a record of times past.
    Nothing like a book with a prize winners certificate or the class number;the address.
    Nothing like a book.
    I still have my first book my mother gave me.It still has the tea stain of that mornings breakfast.
    A poem due no noubt?

  4. Hi Friend,
    Great point! I'e been thinking about this myself.
    I'm just confused with the whole kindle thing! One of the reasons I love to read, is the gorgeous book that I hold in my hands & then later get to set on my shelf & keep forever. There is nothing like a beautiful book & holding a cold piece of plastic with a computer chip in it will just never cut it for me. I guess I rock it 'old school'...
    But, the devils advocate in me thinks, if a kindle excites people into reading more that is absolutely a good thing!
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving...

  5. Ian, Suzie...I do not disagree, but I think there is room in our lives for both...they are not mutually exclusive. And the best point is the one you make Suzie, if we engage a group of reluctant readers...imagine the possibilities!
    I'll be watching for the poem Ian!

  6. I love my books ... and I LOVE my Kindle!

  7. Books for me everyday! Love the feel of them and for me the only way.

  8.'s not a sound 'click' that comes from inside the kindle, it's the sound that comes from manually pressing the button into the kindle to turn the page that makes the click sound....apparently...this is second hand information,,,as I don't have either...a kindle or a husband!! So not sure which is more annoying ...a kindle or a husband!!!

  9. I am a book fanatic, yet I could use both. A Kindle would be great for travel. I usually have no room for more than one book, also for reading in bed, you wouldn't need the light on,except for that click that Victoria mentioned....that would drive me nuts. I would love an IPAD, but the price is too high for me.

  10. I'm thinking both is good! Books are charming an a must have, e-books are handy for travel.


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