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Monday, November 22, 2010


...and gift-giving.

I've managed to get myself in a right muddle over this...

...especially this time of year, when it's about a baby born into poverty.

Who gave away everything he had.

The whole business of Christmas presents just won't sit right with me.

My family and friends must be sick and tired of me going on about this...

but I can't seem to get it straight in my heart.

Then today, I did something I rarely do...I watched Oprah.

I had some ironing to do, so I flicked on the telly and there

she was, giving away hordes of stuff, and the audience was going berserk.

Apparently this was day two of doing this, and her audience, filled with people who do good things all year round, had no idea that this was going to happen.

And, at the end of this over-the-top outpouring of stuff, she said something and I heard.

She said:

   "It's not about the stuff, it's about the possibility that when you least expect it, something good can happen."

...and now, strange as it may seem...I get it.


  1. You know half way through reading your blog I thought I know what comment to make and it is almost to the word in your last sentece.I know where you were coming from but with me I love to give but I do not get joy from receiving,I in fact get very embarassed when I get given a gift.It is not so strange that now you "get it" sometinmes it is the way words are put together that suddenly make it clear,and that is what has happened, everyone has prob been telling you this is different words.Enjoy the season and the non season times,Jesus was a giver,he gave all he had and then some,so he would love it that yu finally understand his message.You are a sweetie Jackie I loved this blog a huge hug from me.xx

  2. I saw the show too J.,I've been trying to catch her show recently because she has had some of the most amazing talented people on, loved the interview with Redford and Streisand, and O'Neal and McGraw, and while watching it I was on the phone with a friend and we were talking about all the hysteria over getting things and how much they cost. Oprah mentioned the price of everything she gave and commented many times on this being the most expensive give away in the show's history, so her little comment at the end, I think, fell short for me. I was disappointed, I wanted this last show of her 'most favourite things' to be about giving something from the heart not the wallet. I'm not saying that I don't like 'things/stuff' because I do, but to me this show was more an advertising show to buy things than it was about giving, because this woman has power, when she says she likes something so many people go out and buy it. Bookstores have waiting lists for her book choice even before she has chosen it! And I think trying to dupe people into thinking that they are not going to get something then giving it to them has nothing to do with hope.
    Sorry Oprah!... but I did love Johnny and Josh

  3. I tend to agree with V on this one, although her closing comment is very true, her whole giveaway show makes me nauseous. The people in the audience do good things all year round, which is wonderful, but loading them down with free stuff seems to go against what they do and soemwhat ironic.

    I would love to see this type of show, where Apple is donating 100 computers to a school in New Orleans that is still not recovered from Katrina.

    As usual you make us think Jacqueline.

  4. I think I needed to hear that one sentence. Not in the context of Oprah's show, but in the context of my life. I think it was a message for me, that when we least expected it, Jesus, however you define him, man, teacher, prophet, son of God...was something good.
    I'm going to take my new approach to gift-giving Christmas shopping with me this year. I'm going to try and find, for each person something that symbolizes love, hope, surprise...that's what I heard.

  5. Hi again Jaquie, I am back lol just reading through the comments was so interesting, I do agree (although did not see the show)about the extravigant things given away but I was also talking about the actual message not the pressies,and I think that you really "got it".Enjoy your shopping and your choosing of gifts I think this year the people on your list are going to have a lovely heart surprise,well done and bless you to your bones.Carolexx

  6. maybe that can be a message for us look at something and take away a message that can bring more meaning into our own lives...that's what I love about you so much J.
    Hope...I think for most people though is a sedentary word...when it should be an action...get up and do something good and then wait and see what happens in your life!

  7. How sweet of you to visit twice Carole. This has been a conundrum for quite some time for me. I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.
    To be fair Chania...I think Oprah is very generous with her charitable work too. I'm no fan of her TV show or magazine, but the woman does spread the love around!
    You are so right V. let's all get up and get that hope out there!

  8. J
    a few years ago ( I had split with a partner so was emotionally fragile)
    I made the decision to MAKE all my xmas gifts

    I cooked cookies, made chocolates, made piggie banks, made desk tidys....

    I even made my own christmas cards and wrapping paper!

  9. Sounds like a loving if somewhat exhausting endeavour John! I can't see you with 90+ animals doing it this year.


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