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Thursday, December 2, 2010


My sweet girl's poor broken wrist.

Seven weeks on and here's what it looks like out of the cast.

The orthopedic surgeon is so happy.  He says that funny looking lump on the right is perfectly normal. Just the way Mother Nature heals (I soooooo like to hear that).
The best physio is... 'just go back to work'... she is a chef.

Here are her beautiful, gentle, creative, tiny hands...

Can't help loving having my girl here!
Here's my contribution to Razmataz's
photo challenge this week...Vignette.


  1. What an interesting choice!
    It must have been very painful.

  2. So glad your daughter's hand is healing well J. I didn't know she was a chef! It is such a busy time of the year now for her too. All my good wishes. Molly

  3. So glad the cast is off and she can get on with things normally!

  4. Oh Jacqueline so good to hear the news!

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    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  5. Jacqueline, how wonderful that her wrist will heal just fine. My own daughter had a similar break many years ago and I remember seeing that bump. It's never been an issue. May those hands go on to create, love and be happy. Ann

  6. Makes my heart sing to see her healed...
    Tell Jess to go, go and show Florida what she can do...they are going to
    be dazzled by her!

  7. How does her wrist feel Jacqueline? Since the 'lump' is "normal", does it feel "normal" to her? I hope so...

    Best to her with the *beautiful* name as she goes back to work. What an experience...for the both of you!
    xo J~

  8. Wow, to be a chef with a broken wrist must have been very frustrating for her. As you say, work will be her physio.

    I like your choice for this challenge....her beautiful creative working hands.

  9. That is great news!
    love how you addressed the challenge.




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