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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's been an odd day...
Last evening it snowed. I looked out my window before going to bed, and everything outside glistened in the falling snow. It looked really lovely, perhaps giving a false illusion of softness in the world, perhaps not.
I pulled the curtains and climbed into bed drifting into sleep with only the sounds of the ticking of the clock, which I have grown to love, and the muffled snoring from my beloved dog Molly.
I expected the next morning to be filled with shovelling the side walk. I'm lucky because I have a corner house which means I have twice as much to shovel as my next door neighbour, and it's even more fun for me, than him next door who actually owns a snow shovel, me just making do with a garden one!
Moving quietly about the house, putting on the kettle, slowly waking up every corner of Little House. Opening the curtains to welcome the day I looked outside to see that all the snow had melted. I had to pause as I wasn't quite sure if it made me happy or not. There's something wonderful about a snowy day when where you live doesn't see much snow, it brings about a gratefulness for having a warm home to retreat in. A knowing that you can go at a slower pace and blame it on the snow.
After coffee and feeding Molly, tending to the light household chores of bed making and tidying, Molly and I are ready for our morning walk before settling into the real work for the day. I walk about 5km each morning and evening, usually going about the same route.
No matter that it's the same route it looks different every day, depending on the colour of the sky and it's reflection in the ocean's water, and different people with their dogs greet me depending on the time of the day we are out for the walk.
Today was clear, and the Olympic Range Mountains were visible, grey and stark against the oceans waves. It was a bit of a struggle walking into the wind, but Molly didn't care she made fun of it running after every leaf being blown here and there. On our return to home I decided to cross over a large part of the open grass to a road leading to my street. Not far ahead I could see something, it looked like a pile of abandoned clothes left in a heap. Now standing only a few feet away I could see the pile had two bare legs sticking out at an awkward angle. Moving even closer a head appeared face down into the ground, nothing moved.
I started to feel a little queasy. I looked around for someone else to come to help me, not wanting to go nearer and not wanting to leave. I knew I couldn't just walk away. The clothes and legs belonged to what looked like a young woman. Still no movement.
Just as I received the courage to go even closer two women walking on a path just ahead came into view. I walked over to them and asked if they had a cell phone on them and would they come with me and see if they could help this woman.
They agreed. We all walked over together and just as we got about one foot away, up popped this girls head, she looked at us and said as she lifted her hand and pointed to my Molly..."That dog knows my pain...that's why she's here, she knows my pain".
Well at least she was alive I thought!
She then sat up and blew kisses to my dog. I asked her if she was ok, and did she need any help, or could I call someone to come and pick her up. She didn't respond to any of my questions, just kept blowing kisses to Molly. Molly liked it, her tail wagging all the time, pulling at the end of the leash, eager to run over to this total stranger.
The three of us looked at each and decided she wasn't hurting herself or anyone else so best just let her be, to leave her there in the grass until whatever it was that she was high on would wear off.
Walking away I decided that I would come back in an hour and check on her, just to make sure she hadn't completely passed out.
I had only gone a few steps when an elderly lady approached me and told me she had called the police. I took a look back to see the girl had now fallen on her back with her two bare legs sticking straight up in the air!
Oh Lord...thank goodness the boys in blue were on the way.
The things they have to deal with!
God bless 'em.


  1. Did you find out what was wrong with her in the end? Quite unnerving to come across somthing like that I should think.

  2. Olympic Mountains...snow melting over night...Pacific Rim...sounds exactly like my neck of the woods!

    I'm so glad she was alive...that would have been so horrible.
    xo J~

  3. You were brave Sis to stick it many just turn their heads and walk away. I hope she's okay. And yes, bless the boys in blue. We lost one of ours yesterday in a senseless act of violence, makes me worry for your John and Erika's Dave.

  4. I wish her back to wellness and away from a lifestyle of drugs...I know I'm presuming that she wasn't mentally ill, but I really don't think she was.
    I've witnessed around town here too many young people strung out on drugs...her actions fit the stereotype of a junkie I'm sad to say.
    We live in a city where shelters are located in prime retail locations, with safe injection sites handing out free needles to drug addicts so they can stand outside on the side walk, openly shooting up, needles going into arms while families with young children walk by, and if we're really lucky we get to see them beating each other up over who's knows what.
    Sorry to be so glum, and I don't have any solution to the problems.
    It's all so sad.

  5. What a story! I would have found reinforcement too. Hopefully she will find the help she needs.

    Love the description of the beautiful aspect of your walk with Molly.

  6. I hope she will be all right. If she was high on something, she probably will never realize how close she came to not being here and how lucky she was that you were concerned enough to draw a crowd and that someone called for help.

  7. Vicoria...I loved this post...I could hear the ticking of the clock as nightfall passed over your house and that feeling of needing to see everything covered in white...just for that extra sigh that it brings when you first glance at the beauty of it all.

    The briskness of the wind, the playfulness of Molly and that sudden heart stopping thud when you see something that jolts you into another world. What a fright to have seen her...and a relief to know she was ok and see reinforcements coming ahead of you. I imagine if you were on your own, you would have found the strength. In times of need we just do. Lots to think about here. The best kinds of and Jacqueline gave me lots to think about today :-)

    Jeanne xxx

  8. That sounds terrible. I just checked your profile and see that you live in Canada. Is it normal for the state to put drug centres in the middle of the shopping areas?
    It can't set a very good example to young children?


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