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This is not about being brilliant, or extraordinary, it's not about wanting to be famous, or making headlines, or trying to impress...this about sharing a 'gift' each day with the lift the spirit of people when they read this blog, to show them the beauty in the ordinary.
"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Enjoy Being a Girl...

There is an art to being feminine.

that fine line between soft and helpless...

the ability to take something simple and make
it beautiful...

to stride gently through the world
and still make one's presence felt...

to care, just enough not to smother...

I love every single, enchanting moment of it!


  1. What lovely thoughts and beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  2. Yes and we have strength because of our girl power.

  3. Feminine and pretty are two feelings I would love get back to some day Jacqueline. When I was my own woman in a just came naturally. Motherhood has thrown me in a different direction :)....

    I just discovered J. Peterman the other day and can not tear myself away from the website...I could fill at least two wardrobes...feminine and pretty has turned into exotic and adventurous :))

    Gorgeous images...I love the way you think...we are two peas in a pod!

    Jeanne xxx

  4. channeling bye bye birdie as I write

    "How lovely to be a woman"...


  5. I enjoy being a girl too. And being the mom of a baby girl who's 10 months is to me the very best of being a girl. Thank you Jacqueline you made my day, my week and my month too. All the best, talk soon

  6. And the sweet 'mothering' touch I've visited and read in some of my favourite blogs. J - it's all there.

  7. I'm absolutely enraptured by that pale blue tie cardie with net skirt look. It's utterly beautiful. I must photoshop my own head onto it to see whether I'd suit it.

  8. I enjoy being a girl too J, but I rarely get the opportunity these days.

  9. Oh I know what you mean. We gals have to stick together, and remember to be who we are!

  10. Me too! You've captured the essence of femininity beautifully Jacqueline...I feel pretty, oh so pretty...!!

    Didn't Doris Day sing "I enjoy being a girl"?
    xo J~

  11. Oh I love that first skirt and sweater...gorgeous. I am with you...I love feminine things and being a woman.

  12. that first photo is just gorgeous...and second one divine...I've just sorted out my wardrobe...and I'm only going to buy pretty clothes from now one...although I did make a commitment to exercise this year and be more of a sporty girl...but hey who says that can't look feminine too!

  13. Yes, yes Yes! to everyone (even Tom!). I'm trying to figure out if being in blogland promotes or reflects this love of femininity! Either way, it seems to make us all happy.
    A very wise man told me a long time ago to never forget that "I hold the key" in a relationship. I have always believed that he was alluding to my feminine-ness.
    Jeanne...being a mother and feminine is not mutually exclusive. There have been many days I've been togged out in my wellies and felt cuter than a button!
    And have a look at the J.Peterman site, if for no other reason than to read the catalogue.

  14. The wise man was talking about your chastity belt, J.

  15. Oh, the net skirt and pale blue cardi - I'm drooling!


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