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Friday, January 7, 2011

What If?

As is so astutely pointed out by Foxessa 
in a comment to a post by Premium T
this morning:

"...January (is) temporary, the bridge month into the rest of the year that we can't quite believe in right away."

For me, this temporary month elicits an
avalanche of questions.

What if circumstance forced you
to look at how you live and demanded change?

What if you had this opportunity
to change your life?

Can you easily let go of all you have?

Is it beginning again, or merely moving on?

Do we do what we do
because it's what we want, or merely what we have always done?

This next 'move'
may prove to be the most challenging of my life.

A shift at the core.


  1. Jacqueline, I see that you were as moved by Foxessa's words as I was... It seemed as if she was giving me a hand up and out of winter with that singular sentence.

    Here's hoping your "shift at the core" is all that you desire.


  2. I liked those words J - quite a lot to think about x

  3. I hope that this "shift" is a blessing to you J...may it be so!!
    Hugs and strength to you...
    xo J~

  4. Great words Jacqueline - my MOTH has always relied on his strong body & hands to do physical construction work. Now at 62 his body is finally telling him to DO SOMETHING ELSE! So he is looking at a complete change in his work life & it is scary. So this year is about to bring big changes to his life, but there are some exciting opportunities as well. So you post has added meaning here @ The Hedge.
    Millie x


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