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Friday, January 7, 2011


I like these questions that J., has posted.

At some point in our lives we have all had to cross over a bridge, and sometimes that can feel like a very frightening thing to do. Whether they have been at the beginning of a new year, or have appeared quite suddenly in our lives, like when we are walking along and then turn a corner and 'hello' what we thought was a safe path has suddenly been turned into a wobbly, scary bridge.

I have crossed many bridges in my life, and some I have gone willingly over, while others I have been dragged over, but over I went. So now I look at them differently, it's about being responsible.
Responsible for my life, my choices, my circumstances. Because no matter what happens in your life, you have a choice to how you respond. Whatever circumstance I find myself in, if I am really honest with myself and look back, I know I had a part in why I am, where I am, faced with difficult decisions, or heart wrenching changes, or pure happiness and joy, the bridge always appeared.
The wonderful thing about the symbol of a bridge, is that it allows us to take our time in the crossing over of it.
It can be a safe place of transition, even if it is wobbly. I like the thought of being on that bridge, for it gives me time to really think about what I am leaving behind and what I am moving on to. It allows for self empowerment to grow inside me, self empowerment is taking the opportunity to make the tough decisions, because, and I can say from experience, if you don't make the decisions in your my life for your self, you are then surrendering your abilities, which really means turning your power over to be maneuvered by others, and that is when you end up on the other side of the bridge in a place where you really don't want to be.
I believe there are no endings in life, only beginnings...when we honestly take a look at what we believe to be an ending we will see it really is a new beginning.
So we stand before the bridge, or on the bridge...not yet to the other side.
Difficulties are not signs of failure, they are challenges that sharpen our minds and bring out in us our very best abilities, let faith and trust be our guides on the bridge to change.

As I stand on my bridge today it is rainy, cold, wet and grey...and even though I can't see the sun, I know it is still shining.
I will leave behind negative thought patterns, and make friends with courage.
I will have clarity in words, thoughts and deeds, and I will be the creator of my experience.
Come walk with me my friends we are not separated, we are walking into the fullness and beauty of who we really are.
photo courtesy of Ryan Watson


  1. Beautiful picture! Happy new year from Norway

  2. Thank you V for that lovely thought provoking post.

  3. I love real bridges....the psychological ones are scary.......
    without both
    we get nowhere!!!

  4. I really enjoy the picture. So haunting, allowing reflection to be more likely. The thoughts and the picture do complement each other. So well written!

    And as Bear might note, of a bridge (were he not hibernating), "Don't burn it once you've crossed it." Others may be following, perhaps.

  5. A yes Miss burning of bridges. Like V. I love bridges, and like John I prefer the material kind to psychological...but sometime we have no choice in the matter do we?

  6. re the photographs...I should have given credit to the photographer, but I have no idea who it is...but here is an official thanks any way.
    So true John...both kinds keep us moving forward.
    Never a truer word spoken Miss Sadie.
    I'm not sure J. I think we always have a choice in everything.


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