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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge

is hosting the Friday Photo Challenge once again.

Actually it began last week
(but I couldn't get my act together in time).

So here I am, day-late-dollar-short me,
with my submission for this weeks challenge...


I love to take photos of people.

This beautiful mother and daughter were participants
in our local Christmas Parade this past year.

I love the contrasts of their age,
their cultural heritage,
their height positioning,
the direction in which they are looking,
the fact that mother is lower,
daughter is higher.

I always feel a little guilty when
I take a candid photo of someone.

I feel there is a huge responsibility to treat their image with
the utmost respect.
To only represent them in truth and beauty...
and never to mock or abuse the privilege one has because you happen 
to be holding a camera in your hands.

Thank you's nice to be back!


  1. Great capture indeed! I too feel a little funny when I take a candid shot of those I don't know. It must be treated with respect for sure!

  2. For sure!...I get nervous about taking photo's of stranger's or asking them to take photo of me(hehe)...but you have surely treated this photo with the respect it deserves.


  3. You really nailed it with this shot. I love that they are both so connected, but both looking and involved with 2 different things.

  4. That is such a lovely photo J. I think it expresses everything you've said!

  5. I forgot to say that I 100% agree with you about respecting your subject. I do feel that anyone out in public is fair game, however, a photo should be shared with respect and compassion. I detest these photos that go around making fun of people in walmart for being fat or dressing. There is a big difference between telling a story and mocking someone. I am glad that you added your bit to your photo story Jacqueline.

  6. I think it is a charming image. I do usually ask before I post images of minors but that is just my thing...I hardly photogragh people at all and my act is not together at all yet!

  7. A little late for this week, but I'll make sure my camera's ready for next week's Phriday Photo Challenge.

  8. I thought long and hard before posting this photo. Mostly I asked myself if I were the mother how would I feel? I have to believe when a photo is taken with love then that emotion is read by those who view the image.
    I am not naive enough to think that someone, somewhere could and might do something unpleasant with the image, but at the end of the day there is only so much we can protect ourselves/each other against. Let's hope...right is might and love will win the day!

  9. I really liked the photo and enjoyed the discussion of proper photo etiquette.

    I had to pass this week.I haven't left the house in days and so no one to photograph! I have very few people in my archives either,so I had to stick to shadows...

    Have a great weekend.


  10. Haven't left the house in days Z? Hope you are okay.

  11. Fantastic image Jacqueline and your words could not have expressed it better ;)

    Jeanne xx


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