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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lucky Me...

This week I received two gifts.

The first one was this painting by my talented,
generous, loving friend Tally.

I had sent her this photo of our little bay 

 and the painting was her tender interpretation of it.

I LOVE IT...the painting makes me feel exactly the same way I do when I walk there.

Thank you Darling Girl.  I love you.

The second gift arrived today.

A Welsh Love Spoon.

From John, our Gentleman-Farmer, animal-rescuer and fellow-blogger at Going Gently.

He sent one for you too Victoria, different than this one,

It's in this box...I'll not spoil the surprise...
it will be winging it's way to the west coast

I've hung mine in my kitchen, where I can touch it every day and remember
that love is the most important thing in the world.  I love you John.

These lovely presents came for no apparent reason
other than those who sent them are love-filled people.

Thank you Tally...Thank you John

Aren't I lucky to have you both in my life!..isn't life wonderful!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I don't know Tally, but I do know John a little from his blog, and he is just full of it. (Love). I am not surprised by his choice either. Anyone who rescues and cares for animals has a big generous heart.

  2. Unexpected and thoughtful gifts are the best kind aren't they...and you both undoubtedly deserved the kindness :)

  3. Do you remember a group called 'The Lovin' Spoonful'? "What a day for a daydream...."

  4. That's a very nice love spoon, they can often be a little too 'fancy'. John obviously has plenty of taste, as well as generosity. Lucky gal!

  5. I didn't know Tally was such a lovely artist! That painting is a gem.
    Can't wait to see my luv'ing spoon!

  6. Unique gifts from delightful friends. Lovely!

  7. You painting is just amazing....even lovelier than that wonderful bit of coastline if that can be possible!
    The spoon too was a lovely fun to have friends!

  8. glad you liked it J
    I know I was a bit of a skin flint sending V's spoon to you she likes hers

    Thank you again for your sweet gift before christmas

  9. ps oh I overlooked the fact that V lives well away from you! how awful I should have sent hers seperate
    for some reason I thought you lived locally

  10. Yes, indeed. Lucky you. And lucky all of us to have wonderful, thoughtful blogger friends.

  11. John, no worries, your gift will arrive when it arrives, it made perfect sense to send the two together, the very thought of this loving gift on its way to me makes the 'watiting' all that more delicious! Thanks Honey.

  12. Both your painting and love spoon are fantastic J. I love this world when we all get along with each other.

  13. How talented Tally is, and how nice of John!

  14. No worries John...V and I are always sending things to each other. Works better much better to send them through Canada Customs once!
    And I would never accuse you of being a skin-flint...quite the opposite!

  15. Both gifts are so thoughtful and so thought filled...the kind that will stick in the heart forever! Beautiful painting Tally...and John's blog sounds like a must read, any animal rescuer/lover is the best sort of person in my book!
    xo J~


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