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Monday, February 21, 2011

What Do You Do?

Okay...right now, life is difficult...
but,  in the past 24 hours I have heard some horror stories.

If I thought my lot in life was difficult???

I just heard a story at the pub?  from a young man?  who looked like life was okay??

and it was so NOT!!!

What am I thinking?   How bad can things be?

I am healthy.

I am capable.

I have a partner who is healthy, capable and who loves me.

I have a family, a house, a car, a purpose.

What is going on here?

Okay God...I'm listening!

You have my attention!

What is going on?


  1. There are a tremendous number of heart breaking real life stories out there. When I was a RN in the state prison sysytem I was constantly amazed at the human suffering and tragedy I encountered on a hourly and a daily basis. Also when I was a hospital nurse, it was endless. People who lose their jobs because of cancer and then their life partner....I could go on. I am humbled daily at how blessed I am and have been.

  2. Olive...I am think things are tough, but everything is moving along, okay, so we all have issues and here comes along a story so huge, suddenly I can't breathe at the very idea of it. Sorry I cant give details, but I would hate to put this poor family in greater jeopardy. I'm stunned!
    When did life become so complicated?

  3. I think in a way Jaqueline our lives roll along with a few hiccups and we become complaicent and forget it is not so good for everyone..Then we see and hear of families no homes, terrible illnesses and worse,we feel terrible for ages, can't sleep for days thinking what can you do...then days roll on and it becomes a distant thing,just like our flood people we all sent food and clothing etc donated money and got on with things here,only to find they are all still struggling.. WHAT!! we thought with all the help all would be good but it takes soooo today we turn the telly on to find that half Aukland in New Zealand is missing in an earthquake, what more is going to happen in the world,in Lybia they are shooting the innocent for the sake of it ..makes you feel like yelling STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF...all we can do is pray for the young man you encountered and in some way you may be able to help,God has led him across your path,there is a simple reason for that, it could have been as simple as placing you there so he could share his problems...take care and know we are with you in your worries...

  4. It is truly unimaginable what some people have had to endure. I believe so much in what A Blessed Life said about God having led this young man across your path. I think of this often when I encounter people struggling in horrific or just plain difficult circumstances. You blessed this young man with your ears today Jacqueline...and now look at this, more will know about him and will be able to pray for him, even without knowing the details.
    Be sure to take care of your heart while it's bleeding for anothers.
    xo J~

  5. There seems to be so much real turmoil at the moment; I just hope things end up the way we wish. Of course they won't, but without some optimism there is little point to it all.

    My thoughts are with your 'young man', as well as with all others who are in difficulty.

  6. There are things in my life that have been difficult lately and then...along comes a friend whose baby was born with serious difficulties. When your problems seem huge...they end up being quite small in the scheme of it all. God gives you examples to live by and shows you other things in order to humble your perspective I think. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to reflect instead of feeling sorry for myself.

  7. I think, for me, there is a two-fold message here. One, the obvious one, is that if you would trade your worries for someone elses...think again.
    The second, and more personal, is about empathy versus sympathy...I just do not have the spiritual energy to empathize. As much as it seems to happen to me, it justs drains me to uselessness. I am not a good, productive empath. So my practice must be, at some point in the proceedings, to leave others' issues behind. May sound hard-hearted, but the time has come.

  8. My mother used to say 'Don't make other people's problems into your problem'. Yes, it does sound hard-hearted, but there does come a point...

  9. mother was smart. There is all this overlapping that does no one any good.


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