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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Cross Buns...

At this time of year,
I am reminded of something...

just how much I love 

Hot Cross Buns!"

toasty warm, slathered in good butter, with a piping hot cup of tea,

I was going to bake some.
Even looked at Jeanne's
fabulous recipes.

But then, I was walking passed the bakery...

and something smelled so good...

okay, Nigella wasn't really there,

but it could have been one of her recipes!

So  I bought for each of the next 6 days,
as long as I don't have to share.

Then I can forget how much I love them,
until next Easter.

Happy Easter Everyone


  1. I made them only once many years ago for a friend's child and will never make them again. I bake but yeast and I do not get along. Joe and I just had a lovely slice of Easter Bread and it was good. It was from a bakery. Happy Easter Jacqueline.

  2. I've never made these but they look good enough to try. Or maybe I will just buy some!


  3. Happy Easter,Be Blessed!
    I can smell those wonderful hot cross buns already.

  4. Hey Jacqueline,can I borrow that "blog love-pass it on" button with the beautiful flowers?
    I would like to send it to a special bloggin' buddy!
    Lazy on Loblolly

  5. Please Jo...take pleasure, Jeanne gave it to us!
    Sharing the love is good!
    Happy Easter!

  6. What do you mean, 'smallness of my own limitations...'?

  7. The buns look really delicious! I made a strawberry pound-cake for a co-workers birthday today and it reminded me of why I enjoy baking so much--There's nothing like homemade!! :-)

  8. beyond the smallness of our own limitations Tom.
    Johnny teaches us that we are large, we are grand!
    Beauty gives us dimension!

  9. Being a non-church-goer, and a non-choc-eater, hot cross buns (for me) ARE Easter. Love them.

  10. Hello:
    Hot Cross Buns are, very sadly, one of the things which we misss about Easter here in Hungary where traditional fare extends to smoked ham eaten with painted [big mistake as the dye seeps through] eggs, accompanied with horseradish sauce. And that's it.

    Your buns look positively delicious. Enjoy them all and resist sharing!

    Thank you for becoming a Follower of our blog.

  11. nigella.....bless she's a hoot!

  12. J& on Jeanne in the post and she has some wonderful recipes via the BBC for Hot Cross Buns...and Hungary would no longer hunger for these delicacies.

    Welcome aboard...V. and I are thrilled to have you both here...look forward to visiting and reading at your location often.


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