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Thursday, April 21, 2011


With the Easter Chocolate Egg Fest
about to hit,
it was with some interest that I read this
article in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine:

Please read this
or watch the video

I couldn't begin to relate to you the science explained by Dr. Lustig here,
but I'm convinced.

It's been a puzzle to me for sometime now that when I
spend time in the US I always, without fail, gain weight.
We eat the same things as we do here in Canada, 
(okay, maybe we eat out a little more often),
my activity level remains the same, but even as short a stay as a few weeks
means I come home with a couple of extra pounds.
This information for me goes a long way in explaining this mystery.

Earl "Rusty" Butz and Richard Nixon have a lot to answer for.


  1. Hello:
    What a very engaging lecturer and such a good manner. Oh, the problems of a healthy diet - what to eat, what not to eat? It is such a vexed question.

    For ourselves, we eat as little sugar as is possible, avoiding sweets, cakes and puddings [sadly] most of the time and never, of course, adding it to tea or coffee. What sugar we need comes, we believe/hope, naturally through fresh fruit and fruit juice [not concentrated] and what is present in some vegetables.

    Our concern must be for those who are over weight and find it so difficult not only to reduce levels of sugar and fat, but also to eat less. The problem, as we are sure you are aware, exists on both sides of the Atlantic.

  2. As a non-sugar, and non-choc, eater; nothing would surprise me. I didn't watch the whole 90 mins, but I have a good idea that I've probably been right all this time! Has he researched MILK?

  3. This guy is new to me Cro, so I'm not sure what else he has done. The problem with the US (not so much here in Canada) and I don't think in Europe, is the hidden sugar in all food. It's nearly impossible to find a loaf of bread there that doesn't have sugar as one of the major ingredients.
    My view on milk...we as a species is the only ones encouraged to drink it past the infant stage. Being lactose-intolerant, I think, is a normal, not abnormal condition.
    We use lactose-free organic skim milk only for tea and coffee. I'd rather get my calcium from a good piece of cheese and some salmon.

  4. My approach to sugar is to only eat cakes, cookies, etc if I make them myself, and I'm too lazy to make them that often, so sugar is curtailed. I guess all that hidden sugar is getting me anyhow, but I like to pretend that it isn't.

  5. Not that much of a sugar fan. I gave up sugar in my tea and coffee when I was sixteen. Though like Mise says - it's easy to eat hidden sugar with realising. I tend to read the little traffic light markings on anything in packets.

  6. Safe way to be Michael Pollen says, if your grandmother wouldn't recognize the ingredients, you probably shouldn't be eating it!
    What interested me about this man's lecture was the bio-chemistry of how fructose vs glucose is metabolized. It certainly changes fundamental understanding of what works within our bodies and what doesn't.

    I'm with you Mise. We only eat sweets that I prepare, that way I know exactly how much sugar (and everything else for that matter) goes in it.
    And just tastes better!

    I am the Queen of the nutrition label readers!

  7. Sugar is my worst vice. We'll gloss over the thing with the whips and the hamster.

    Ali xxxx

  8. This is fascinating and I'm going to watch it in snippets. There's an amazing book called "Sugar Blues" by William Difty that is one of the best out there on the subject of the lovely poison called sugar. The whole fructose thing is even worse...our poor bodies.

    With all that said...wishing you a Happy Easter with all it's glorious sugary trappings and treats!
    xo J~


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