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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well another Federal election done and dusted,
our fourth in seven years
...and what a result.

Quebec thumbed it's nose at convention,
finally deciding that separatism cannot be fought
by sending ineffective representation to Parliament, and voted 
for the NDP.

Such a joke-vote out of Quebec was it NDP's Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who took a vacation to Las Vegas during the campaign, hasn't confirmed she's even visited her riding, and has questionable command of French, won the riding of Berthier - Maskinongé.

The Liberal Party received a sound trouncing reducing themselves to 34 seats from 77;  with even leader, Michael Ignatieff losing his seat.  Hard to believe but, as of this morning, he still hasn't resigned.

Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe did resign...
after his party went from 47 seats to 4 (not enough to even retain
party status).

So now we will have a majority Conservative government
with the official opposition being formed by the NDP...a first.
Let the games begin!


  1. I was stunned by the results J. Especially the BQ vore, which pleased me. For the life of me I could never understand what Quebec would do to survive as a Lone Wolf.....and those Liberals....shame Michael. Step down and give your Party a chance to recover a shred of dignity.

  2. Ugh, 4 elections in 7 years. One every four is enough for me. Even too much as election commercials usually start a good 18 months before and people are speaking about it 3 years in advance.

  3. And here I thought having Donald Trump campaigning was enough of a joke... If I shake my head any more at the absurdity of educated people doing the most bizarre things , well I fear it'll pop off and roll across the floor.


  4. I believe the public punished the Liberals for calling this election. Sometimes I think the boys and girls on Parliament Hill just get bored and think a campaign might be fun and something to do!
    Well we know there will be no non-confidence votes now that Harper has a we can all relax for the next four years.

  5. Hey J. just want to add the following -
    "The voters of Saanich-Gulf Islands (SGI) have made history, electing Canada’s first Green Member of Parliament. Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, defeated Conservative Cabinet Minister Gary Lunn in a close and hard-fought race for the riding on Vancouver Island.'

    Go Elizabeth!

  6. I just listened to this woman speak...Lord love a duck!

  7. We've been voting here in Scotland too. How CAN one select just one candidate from the various shades of mediocrity that swill around us?! *sigh* they're all a bit lily-livered here for my tastes.

    Ali x

  8. Sounds just like the Parliamentary playground scuffles we have Down Under. A bunch of child-like questionables who are determining our future - its scary.
    Millie x


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