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Friday, May 6, 2011

on becoming a mother...twice...

"I'm at my mother's's time to go.

You are going to have to leave the office now.

No...really need to come and get me.'s nearly midnight...Come Home Now!

...and drive carefully...I know it's Sunday, but it's February

and the roads are icy. are going to have to move over a bit,

they really didn't build these labour beds for two.

Yes, I DO realize it's 3.30 in the morning, and you ARE tired,

but you really can't be snoring in here!

What do you mean Nurse?  'hush we might wake him?'

I'm the one having the contractions! Remember!!

Rudy?..Rudy?  It's a girl...

look how perfectly she fits right between the crook of your elbow and your fingertips.

...and what will we call her?"

Fast forward two years, all but one week, to the day...

"Well...could you go look for him please?   Yes, Rudy, R U D Y...he should be on the ice

right now, playing with a bunch of other guys...okay...i'll hold,

but really, this is important...okay?

Time to go honey...

...what do you mean you can't find the doctor...No, I can't wait!. . 

This IS a hospital? right?...just find a doctor!"

'It's a girl Mrs. Prajza...another girl!'

Okay hon...yes, I know, you have to go to work...the girls and I will see you later,

...before you go...what shall we call her?"

Motherhood...the best, hardest, loneliest job I've ever had.

Happy Mother's and all.
images courtesy Anne Geddes


  1. How touching!

    Poor Rudy. 0H, YES; poor Jacqueline, too. Of course.

    But you all survived to tell the tale.

    Have you forgiven him, yet? Of course you have.

  2. Aww, how sweet, but the story of most of our lives.

  3. No 1: It'll be hours yet; go and have a coffee. No 2: I was working 30 miles away. No 3: It'll be hours yet; go and have a coffee. So, I missed all 3.

  4. Hello Jacqueline:
    What a very lovely and moving post. Sadly we do not have children but we have delighted in this.

    Have a very happy day tomorrow!

  5. Yes - it's a hard, uphill struggle of a job. Unlike a REAL job where you can learn the ropes, your kids are always changing, always pushing at the boundaries to see what they can get away with. Many days I've wished it was a real job and that I could hand in my notice....but ultimately, he's a lovely, thoughtful and funny little boy and I wouldn't be without the wise-cracking little blighter for a moment.

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Ali x

  6. I love that you remembered these details Jacqueline...they are treasures, as are your girls!
    Hope you had a Magnificent Mother's Day, you and every mum out there deserve it!!
    xo J~


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