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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Glamping is for Me!

Trish over at A Peony Princess is off for a weekend of camping
with her boys, to join up with friends at the lake read here

It's true, as she says, you either love camping or not.

I remember the days of packing up the cooler, the car, the kids, the dogs.
All of us setting off in our westfalia for adventures unknown.

Arriving at the campsite, unpacking, setting up the extra tent,
the tarps in case of rain

Collecting the firewood,
firing up the propane stove to boil water for the endless
warming cups of tea and hot chocolate.

And the smell of the campfire smoke in our hair
on our clothes!

All wonderful memories.

Is camping for me now?

Mmmm, I think I'm more for Glamping than camping...

This is the life for me now!

We arrive by this mode of transport

We sleep here!

We dine here!

or here!

We relax here!

or here!

Yes, Clamping if for Me!

love from Victoria


  1. That last shot? Died and gone to heaven....sigh


  2. Pretty fancy camping. We used to go with two backpack tents and whatever would fit in the back of a 1975 Gremlin.

  3. You know me and camping V.! Never not ever!
    Now Glamping...hmmmm, could be talked into that if there is indoor plumbing close by!

  4. I've been a camper for decades (until I started to have serious back problems, the "gift" from some old injuries). My wife, not so much. Not at all, actually.

    What is this "glamping" of which you speak? I've never seen the word. And how does one connect to this? All VERY interesting.

  5. Glamping definitely has the edge! We used to go camping when the children were little. Lovely if the weather is hot and sunny - not quite if it isn't! I have moved from Mollygolver - my new blogsite is called - would miss both you and J so much if I didn't see you

  6. Glamping...possibly,!
    xo J~

  7. 'Glamping' wins hands down. But that VW Camper is a beauty (preferably in dark green).

  8. I am with you Victoria, glamping is for me too! I like your style!
    Thanks so much for your comment today, much appreciated. :)
    Best wishes
    Jeanne xxx

  9. Oh, I could go with Glamping too! Those luxurious tents are something else!

    I did a double take of that photo with the little boy ~ looks a bit like J or C, no?


  10. Glamping looks like it was specially invented for me !


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