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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...

Here we are in Florida,

the house is sold...

the furniture is sold...

art work is packed...we are ready to go!

But we wait

for a gadget for the pool pump...

for a piece for the shades...

for the box for the top of the car to arrive!

So perhaps the Universe is sending me a message...

chill out...relax...

perhaps it's not quite the right moment to leave.


  1. What a beautiful home! I would hate to leave it also, but moving on has its advantages also.

  2. What a lovely place you are leaving, we will watch with interest as you go on your new journey.

  3. You're not taking your furniture? I'm not sure I could do that... Florida must be fabulous with all that sunshine all year round and I hope everything goes well for you. Love from London xo

  4. cant wait to hear all of your adventures!

  5. Where are you going? I used to love moving house; now I just love staying where I am. Hope all goes well, and the bits arrive. Bisou, Cro.

  6. MP - The new buyers purchased most of the furniture, and while it was great fun decorating the home, I am not attached to stuff.
    We are taking the majority of the art work home to Canada - will provide quite a different look in that house.
    Holiday home Cro. We are consolidating back in Niagara on the Lake. When we bought the florida house, ten years ago, we could get down to for 4-5 months at a time in the winter. The past two years because of work commitments, we've only managed six weeks in total! Just wasn't making sense any more.
    Besides which, I'm finding a need, after being 'on the road' since 1989, to put down some roots and stay in one place.

  7. It is why it is said that patience is a virtue.
    Few of us have it, it takes work to perfect....
    me? I run around like a headless chicken...hence my absence.....

  8. Your house look fabulous J. All the very best with your move. It will all come together at the right time, you'll see!

  9. Funny how the 'little things' get in the way in such big ways sometimes. Congratulations on the sale and best with your new adventure!!!
    xo J~


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