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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mercury Retrograde

About a week and a half ago,
my cell phone started behaving strangely.

The camera wouldn't work; the notepad wouldn't save anything
and the battery wouldn't hold a charge.

Off I trot to the Bell Store, only to be told that these stand-alone
operations can do absolutely nothing other than sell you a new phone. 
I'm advised to call Bell and 'see what they can do for me".

I come home and duly sit on hold for the required thirty minutes
before following conversation ensues:

Bell:  Ah I see madam that this is an old phone, you have had it for 20 months.
Me:  Well, that's not really a long time now is it?
Bell:  ...and your 36 month contract is only 20 months old, too early for me to be able to really help you out on a new phone.
Me:  So the phone is too old and the contract too young?
Bell:  Exactly there is one thing I can do.  Let you have a new phone if you sign up today for a further 36 months and only charge you $15/month for the time left on your old contract, plus a $35 conversion fee, plus taxes.
Me:  (after quick mental math)...that's $320! Can't I just get this phone fixed?
Bell:  Well that madam would cost at least $200 and your phone isn't really worth that
any more.
Me:  So how much does a new phone cost?
Bell:  the new Blackberry La-Di-Dah costs $700+.
Me:  And how long will it be worth that price?  The same length of time
my old phone was?  You want to sell me a 36-month contract on a phone that only holds it's price for 15 months?
Bell:  Exactly Madam!
Me:  Sheesh...bye!

So...what to do now?

Of course!

Phone V!

Me:  Sis...Having real problems with my phone...started going crazy just a few days ago.
V.:  Mercury retrograde...plays havoc with electronics...just hang on for a couple of weeks, it will probably sort itself out.

So this morning, I woke up, and lo and behold:
camera is working...
notepad is saving...
battery is holding a charge.

Sister 1 -  Bell 0

p.s. V. tells me we aren't quite out the woods with Mercury.
It continues to retrograde until August 26
and then you have to give it a week to sort itself out and start moving
forward again.


  1. We have held on to our old cel phone now for at least five years...simple phone..makes and receives calls..we didn't activate voice mail or text, no camera....costs us 11.30 a month to use it and we are currently carrying about 60 hours of unused time. Every so often they contact us to try to sell us a new way!!

  2. So THAT is what is wrong with me....I knew something was...


  3. So, you are now the one for whom the Bell rings? Somehow, I think not.
    I haven't experienced those problems with my phone, but it is a lot older than yours. Similar to Dolores' phone. Perhaps there's a lesson in that. Somewhere.

  4. Dear Jacqueline ( such a lovely name !! ),
    I was always having trouble with my mobile but, I now have an iphone and it's wonderful ! I only got it because they gave it to me FREE !!
    Thanks so much for your comment today. I love meeting new bloggers and, of course, we have our name in common !!
    Happy weekend to you and here's to sisterly love. XXXX

  5. All I have to say is that I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 26th.

    There. I feel all better now.

  6. My mobile is sitting in front of me on the desk... It doesn't work. I also have an internet phone that doesn't work. Thank goodness for good-ole land lines!

  7. I really think when they design phones they require them to last less than the 3 years the contract is for. That way they keep you as a customer forever. I bought my way out of a Telus contract once because the service was so bad and the phones even worse.

    Re: Florida withholding 10%. I was told they hold it for 12 months.

  8. Thanks Chania...nice that someone knows something!


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