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Monday, August 15, 2011

Trish at Peony Princess is looking for a new front door colour, me...
I'm looking for a new hair colour.

After spending a few months in Paris in 2009,

I came home and the first thing I did was to change my hair colour from
California blonde to Parisian brown.

I lasted about 2months and then started making the
long road back to blonde.
My poor hair!

So now I'm back to blonde...but I'm also back to not liking it again!
What to do!

So I'm thinking I might try something in between...

perhaps this ...

or this . . .

or this . . .

I know no-one can help me decide, so if my hair doesn't break off
and fall off my head from all the chemical abuse...
I'll be back with the final decision next month!

love from Victoria


  1. From your selection of pix, I'd go for the one above the dancer. The colour LOOKS genuine, and both styles are pleasantly relaxed. A Barnet (hair) to be taken seriously!

  2. Thanks Cro...that's my first choice too!

  3. I vote the same,wonder what your choice will be?

  4. Just not too dark Sis...remember what happened last time! You can add the depth of colour slowly as Autumn and Winter come along.
    My hairdresser and I have been talking about some caramel as the earth starts to add more gold and reds to her palette.
    p.s. I'm looking for a new shape!

  5. forgot to mention too (my HD and I fight about this one)...but only half-head highlights, that way your natural colour is always waiting in the wings to be pulled through for depth and contrast...that's my thinking anyways!

  6. I vote for a chestnut shade of blonder, or dark honey, whatever it's called.

  7. I am sure all colors will look good on you. It is fun to try something new. I have done 3 different versions of reddish blond this year, and I liked the change each time. The two summer ones bleached out quickly with the sun so even if I don't like it, I know that during this time of year, it is only temporary.

  8. Thanks everyone...and yes J., I will definitely not go too dark! Going to start with just a few chestnut strands for now! Will keep you posted!

    p.s. have to mention this on a completely different topic...I just let Molly, my pup, out the front door and there right in front of me are two slugs hanging from a gooey thread from one of the stair railing!...intertwined in a love fest...spiralling love! Quite a picture!
    Blog post to follow!

  9. Dearest Victoria,

    Well, the lady in the blazer wears her hair most natural. That's what I opt for and as for color, I've always been my true self. Mother nature knows best.
    Love to you,



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