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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Chemise

Speaking as a woman, I don't think there 
is another garment that makes you feel more feminine than
the chemise.

Classically, it just means a shirt...
something worn next to the skin...

but in a woman's lexicon it means



there is nothing more feminine than wearing something like this.


  1. I presume (I am no expert on such things) that this is what in England is known as a 'petticoat'. Which reminds me that I once met a Canadian guy (here in France) who always referred to his jacket as a 'coat' (in Canadian-French).

  2. Exactly Cro...a difficult item to find these days is the petticoat.

    Restaurants here (upmarket) sometimes require gentlement to wear a 'coat and tie'. Love all this language stuff.

  3. I particularly like the vintage ones....the work on them is quite lovely...

  4. me too Chania...I think they are my favourites...

  5. Hi Jacqueline
    Silk is such a luxurious fabric.
    I am your new follower but feel I know you from visits

  6. Bear has no understanding of this at all (being both ursine and male).
    But there is a certain delightfulness to the pictures you have included.

  7. I think I like the beige-y one best but they're all sumptuous. Sexy under pinnings do make you feel good even if no-one else knows what you're wearing.

  8. Hi glad you are here, especially with your linguistic skills!
    It's okay Rob-bear...fur is good too.
    I agree Molly...there is nothing nicer. Especially if no one else knows!

  9. J thank you so much for your comment on my blog site. Since Delores made her comment on mine I've got this fantasy of going out looking like Miss Marples in brogues and tweeds and wearing all this gorgeous sexy underwear underneath. I feel so naughty and it feels good.

  10. I have tagged you for the 7x7 links challenge if you would like to participate. Info on my blog.

  11. delightfully naughty!
    MBJ - thank you for thinking of us. I will work on this today!


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