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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The first storm of the year hit here on our island today.
High winds, power outs, ferries cancelled.

It felt like the middle of November.

It's time to pack away the flip flops 


bring out the wellies

It's time to forget about salads


cook up some comfort food

roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar
at smittenkitchen

And with only a couple of weeks into the first term
of school my darlin' grandson went home sick this afternoon,
seems the stomach flu has arrived here too!

(Get well soon sweetie)

If November weather has arrived in your neighbourhood,
or the flu has you home in bed...

cosy up
with a few of these

found at  svpply

and stay warm and dry!

with love Victoria


  1. We have 30 degrees C forecast for today, so summer is still with us. The pool's still open, and we still swim!...... But it won't be long.

  2. A delightful note about the challenges of changing seasons.
    A picture of you in your fashionable, autumnal togs. The dog in wellies. Nice mufflers to keep us warm.
    Sorry grandson is unwell. Definitely too soon to be sick of school. Sick at school is a different matter. Hope he is well, soon.
    Tomorrow in River City, high of 25°C. Still summer.

  3. Enjoy, enjoy, swimming and sun! Oh Cro...just the thought of waiting until next July until summer again... is just too much!
    Thanks for the best wishes Rob-bear...I'll pass them on to my boy.
    (I wish that picture was of me!)
    Enjoy the warm weather...while I'm learning to dance in the rain!

  4. Oh V - that's awful. Like Cro , we had wall to wall sunshine yesterday and lots more promised for the rest of the week. Hope your little grandson is feeling better soon x

  5. Yesterday was glorious here V. Rudy and I golfed but the rain starts today and thunderstorms by the end of the week, so I know understand what you are saying.
    Jack or Christian...although if one has it, it will probably be both soon...poor babies, give them a hug from their GAJ.
    Wouldn't mind knitting one of those blankets this there a pattern anywhere?
    Time you and I caught call? IChat? Let me you Sis.

  6. Oh how I wish..Still in the 90's here
    After hibernating all summer like always, I am clawing at the walls to get out into cool air. Please fall hurry.

  7. And today....the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play!
    Blue skies, bird chirping, leaves floating gently from the trees...what a difference a day makes!
    Thanks for your best wishes Molly...I'm believing you all are sending some of your lovely sunshine my way!
    Master Jack full of the bug J., but yes, I think the whole family are going to have it at some level...I'll pass on the hugs.
    Thanks for making me feel grateful for what I have Oldgreymare, I know I wouldn't be able to handle the heat of 90 degree weather well, and there truly is nothing more wonderful as cool fresh I'll stop my grumbling about the weather and count my blessings.

  8. I love fall, but hate November days. November days can come any time of the year when it is dreary and damp and chilly. Chilly is OK, dreary and damp, miserable.

  9. Lovely images! Keep safe and warm, Kellie xx


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