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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Page 8

As November settles in with her long-dark evenings, we now have to come inside from playing earlier that perfect.

And so we turn to some TV and Radio for entertainment.
(sitting cosily wrapped with a good book sends me off to sleep far too early!)

On Sunday evening, we watched the first offering of the new

Page 8

Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Rachael Weiss

Here's the official synopsis:

"What happens when spies grow older in a post-9/11 world? Sixty-something MI-5 agent Johnny Worricker has amassed an impressive art collection, an amicable collection of ex-wives, and a droll, unflappable relationship with the work he enjoys alongside his boss and best friend, MI5 chief Benedict Baron. But when Benedict brings to light damning evidence of British complicity with illegal American torture operations, it falls to Johnny to do the right thing. And the right thing, in this morally ambiguous new era, is unclear — as unclear as the motives of Johnny's neighbor, Nancy, who draws Johnny in with her sad beauty and a secret of her own."

It was excellent.  British TV at its best.

Next week:

Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson star in

"Waiter, I'll take the nostalgia special with a side of recrimination and finish with regret, for a lunch that celebrates love and ambition with poignancy, humor, and affection."

I can't wait!

I think I'm getting the hang of November.


  1. I love November nights when I'm given outstanding tv shows to watch...Page8 was brilliant...I loved. loved, loved every minute of it. Bill Nighy was amazing...and I can't wait for Emma and Alan next week...I've always said...Alan is someone I would leave home a heartbeat.

  2. We are approaching our time of absolutely nothing that anyone with taste can watch,this goes right through summer really,all good series are coming to an end...praise the Lord for free to air TV a reasonable new thing in Australia,and there are specific channels that have older good English Television shows and movies so when we do watch it will be there.I guess they think everyone is outside having a BBQ but guess what its too damn hot!!! lol these shows sound wonderful.

  3. can watch PBS on line (after airing date). Have a look here
    and see if it stretches as far as down under.

  4. I'm finding it really hard to watch any TV these days but J, I love your header picture, I can just look at it and breathe it all in - timeless Tuesday

  5. Thanks Molly...I took it last Sunday on a trip to Port Dalhousie...the weather was amazing and we got to walk along the beach and the edge of the Welland Canal. It was quite lovely.

  6. ah emma thompson
    if I was straight
    she would be my woman

  7. I will check that out. Sounds interesting and with that cast, the acting should be superb.

  8. Ha John! If I were gay..emma thompson would be my woman!

    SOAC-M...the creme de la creme!


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