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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mumblings and Musings of Two Sisters...Letter #3

P.O. Box 1354
Where the River meets the Lake Behind the Falls
On the Mainland

A bit of a heavy heart this morning...I'm not too sure what it's all about, perhaps this fall back out of daylight-saving time into more of a synchronicity with the revolving earth?  Something in my head is screaming for more authenticity.  I feel like I am surrounded by people who don't view life the way I do.  These are not bad people...they just live and think so differently from me.
So much so to cause me to feel un-real (if that's even a word!) when I spend time with them.  

Anyway...on to sunnier things...
As the weather here has been absolutely beautiful over the past couple of days, I finally got most of my little garden tidied up.  Now the puzzle is where to store everything over the winter.  The garage is absolutely heaving, (mostly cardboard boxes - but that's a story for another day).  Rudy put up a lot of shelving over the summer in there, so it probably just needs some shifting around.  Then we need to decide what to do about the cars.  As you know, part of the de-construction of the Florida house meant car #2 came home to Canada with us.  We need a second car like a hole in the head, but my darling man just hates to part with either of them.  I will give him the fact that they are very different vehicles and so serve different functions.  Personally, as much fun as the little convertible is, I would like to sell it and just hold onto the SUV.  While it is a bit of a gas-guzzler, we don't drive very often and it's far more practical.  I can feel a serious conversation coming on in our house...and one I probably won't win!

I disassembled the entire sound system last week...many furtive hours spent downstairs with cables with funny-coloured ends lying all over the floor.  I did manage to put it all back together, with the aid of 3 instruction manuals (TV, cable box and sound system) and multiple cups of tea and have everything working except for the picture for the DVD player.  So right now, we can hear a movie...just can't watch it!  My poor head was banging so badly afterwards I've decided to leave it for Monday morning and just start all over again!
The good news is,  Steve changed the inner tube on my bicycle tire - you know it costs the same to buy a new inner tube as it does a patch kit these days? - so I'm back to riding in this glorious weather.   AND, I fixed the leaky dishwasher myself.  Again...I hauled out the instruction manual and discovered a trap that I had no idea existed that, to my shame, was quite gucky.  Once cleaned, no more leaks.

If you have any thoughts on the heavy-heart-situation, you know how much I appreciate your guidance.
Write soon and let me know how the fam-dam is.  Hugs and kisses to everyone...especially you.  J.

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  1. I think the Fall combined with Daylight Savings really throws many of us off kilter. Especially if you love the throws a kink into things.

    Don't worry about people getting you J. You only need a few that do...

    You have a lovely relationship with your sister....I am envious of that.

  2. It certainly is a funny old time of year isn't it Chania? Up too early this morning I fear!

  3. Just got over my glums this past week. It may very well be the seasonal change..slowing us down to prepare for the long winters in an ecological-old ancestor's necessity- kind of way?

    anyway I find I need more sleep, more warm liquids, more quiet, and less hub-bub...and I miss my NYC chicks even more..sigh My kids hate this phrase I say far too often.."It's only life"
    so snuggle down with a cup of tea and another book..I am :D

  4. J - I think I know what you're saying. It feels a bit like wind down winter for me too - a time of hibernation in a way - I tend to go with the seasons - perhaps that's how it should be and we all need this 'resting' period now to be able to shine in the spring. Hey - great news that your bike is up and running again - all those lovely bike rides in the tingly frosty air.

  5. Yes Z...lots of tea and cuddles on the couch is called for.

    Molly...when Steve repaired my flat tire, he actually tried to sell me snow tires for my bike! I'm good, but I'm not that good!

  6. Hi Jacqueline! Thanks so much for following my blog! I must tell my mum that you had the same candelabra and also gave it to your daughter! Following you along now!:)

  7. Welcome Anne...nice to see you here!

  8. Lovely post and superb blog. It ticks pretty much all the boxes for me!

  9. Thank you Dave...what a nice thing to say.

  10. Amazing photos I join and invite on my blog

  11. Hi Mila...just popped over to see you in your fur and your darling cat.


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