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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Music

I've just read Red Rose Alley's post on Christmas music.

And while I love the traditional carols, and some of the new Christmas music,

there is always a place in my heart for one album that just makes Christmas Christmas.

by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

We found this tape...yes I said tape, when we first moved overseas 
and it came to be the rallying point for my little family when we were alone for the holidays.

From Japan, to Atlanta (yes the USA is a foreign land for Canadians!)
to Bangkok, to London...

...each Christmas we spent away from family and sometimes each other, 
this silly, funny music would bind our hearts.

So this year...Miami daughter and her husband...and the 'kids' (their dog and cat)
are going to be wending their way north just under a week from now and as soon as we all meet up with my Toronto daughter and her man in my kitchen, because that's where we always meet can rest assured
Kenny and Dolly will be part of the reunion.


  1. Enjoy, enjoy! I know what you mean. Soon all my family will be here and the old music will be played, the same wonderful stories will be retold like new, and the house will be a home filled with laughter.

  2. "I'll be home with bells on. I'll be home with bells on Trim the tree and light the candles, put the Christmas music on, 'cos Christmas I'll be home with bells on." Thanks Dolly!

  3. There's something very satisfying about listening to 'pointed' music that is played just once a year; every year. I have a couple of CD's that will be dusted off.

  4. I always start off with good intentions, running a play-list which includes 'White Christmas' and the King's College Choir, but it soon deteriorates into Eminem, Reggae and various female artistes who shake their bootilicious backsides at an adoring camera. The next day, me and H.I. settle down and watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' again.

  5. I can just see you all rocking in the kitchen to Dolly and Kenny! Not seeing Brilliant Husband though...oh there he is sitting over there with a slight tap to his foot and a smile on his face, and a song in his heart...I'm sure you both can't wait for the house to be full.

  6. January, Rudy is gritting his teeth at the seasonal songs. Good sport that he is though...he let's us have this time.

    Just as long as there's balance Tom! LOL!

    Back from my second visit to Costco V! It all begins this weekend with the Christmas Parade in town. Lindsay, Dan and Immie are coming, as is Rudy's Dad. It's lovely to have the house full, just hope my back is as strong as my enthusiasm!


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