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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Post-weekend update...
parade:  freezing, but magical...

company: superb...

laundry:  impressive!

after throwing his back out moving an horrendously heavy chair down two flights of stairs, I am very, very happy to report, he is on the mend.

No small thanks to our wonderful neighbours who hurried over with electric heating pad and inversion table!

back to cleaning and wrapping...


  1. Your Canadian sun is perfect for making red look well. Very cheerful images there.

  2. I need one of those upside-down things. I'm told it'd do wonders for my back.... Santa maybe?

  3. The Canadian sun was out in full force...but unfortunately forgot to turn the heat-element on Mise...this was the coldest parade I have been to.

    We are quite impressed by the inversion table. Rudy's been hanging around like a bat for the past three days. I guess, by separating the vertabrae, pressure is relieved and ergo the pain. Of course, it all goes back to where it started when you stand upright, but it allows for some relief and hopefully a hastening of the healing process.
    I'd give Santa a call asap!

  4. Even though it was cold it was a brilliant day - it looks wonderful.

  5. They sure know how to do a parade in your little town!...lovely photos.
    Looks like a grand time with the family despite the chilly weather.

    Can't believe your hubby has put his back out! Ouch!
    Really hope he feels better soon.

  6. I think this little town really knows how to do Christmas V! Sometimes I feel like I live in Bedford Falls...LOL.
    Rudy's much better today...actually up and walking around. It was a little scary there for a couple of days. Of course, it means over the holidays I will be doing all the heavy lifting...wish you were here, I know what a power house little old you can be!

  7. Wonderful that hubby is on the mend....I know first hand how awful a naughty back can be, and how horribly annoying!
    The parade looked very festive...and it probably wouldn't have had the same feel had it been 80* out, freezing temps are part of the Christmas fun...especially if the sun is out.
    xo J~

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