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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Clever and talented Chania at Razmataz
has just written and photographed some beautiful soaps.

Right now, well actually for the past few months,
I have been removing all the bottles of liquid soaps I have in the house

and I am replacing them with wonderful, delicious-smelling, tactile
bars of soap.

(no, I did not make this!)

I just find the whole thing, more beautiful, more luxurious, more sensuous

The wrapping alone sends me into raptures...

I am sure there are those who think that liquid is more sanitary...but isn't soap, by it's very nature, cleansing?  

So are you a liquid-person or a bar-person?
Enquiring minds want to know?
pictures, courtesy of Pinterest


  1. Good question, I have to admit that I like both: I love beautiful, natural soaps and so often the packaging is nearly too pretty to open them. Just for practicality (and because they're too pretty to open) I also use liquid soap. So I now have lots of pretty but unopened bars of soap... ;-) Love from London xo

  2. What are those birds called? With soap? Are you serious?

  3. Tom...huey, duey and louey...and soap? of course I'm serious!

  4. Okay Tom...they are Black-capped Chickadees...and I'm still serious about the soap.

  5. Oh, that's ok then. In this country, they're called something else, my little Chickadee...

  6. I like liquid at the sink and kitchen and bars in the shower and bath...there are so many bars of beautiful soap around (my box came from Winners) and they are so many organic ones too. I react to many kinds of soap, especially Ivory.

    I also like to put a bar in my drawers to make my sweaters smell nice...something my granny always did.

  7. I love soap. When travelling I bring along my French soap - I use liquid soap in the guest bathroom only.

    Great post

  8. Liquid at the handbasin because it is easier but a bar of soap in the bath or shower.

  9. Good to see my own choice of soap in amongst your pix... but nowadays mostly used in liquid form. Of course, it's Savon de Marseille!

  10. I'm with Cro on Savon de Marseille - it's a gently scented luxury, and just the right size of bar. I don't like liquid soaps, so depressing when they are used beyond the halfway point, whereas slivers of soap aren't.

  11. I buy soaps from a fellow blogger to use and for gifts,Grannies Garden,Karen makes the most amazing soaps the fragrances so gentle and lovely,Bob and I make some too but ours look like globs of soap.lovely to use but we do not have the knack of the gorgeousness that attracts us lol.No liquids here.

  12. I love the smell of decorative soaps, and they wonderful gifts. The little birds on your HEADER are so sweet.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  13. I made my own soap for several years...and loved the whole process, as well as the soap itself, but once we started building the was all put on the back burner. This post made me remember how much I enjoyed it...I just might have to pull out the old lye and olive oil again.
    xo J~

  14. and when you do Jessica...there will be a post? yes? please?

  15. How absolutely beautiful. I started collecting soaps earlier this year whenever I saw something I liked -- some come in divine little boxes. Everyone will get one or two in his or her stocking and the rest are for moi, moi, moi, well, for the house I mean.

    I hope your holidays will be filled with joy and wonder.


  16. After having little bits of left over soap and not know what to do with the pieces, I think I'm a liquid person. But then again bars of soap are luxurious. J - decisions, decisions.


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