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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Favourite All-Time Designer

Issey Miyake...

...hands down...

...utterly, amazingly, beautifully-constructed clothes...

I am fortunate enough to own two of his pieces.
I have owned them for twenty years.
I will have them and wear them until the day I die


  1. Hi Jacqueline

    Magnificent and they are keepers.
    I know you must always feel and look wonderful when wearing

    Happy New Year

    Helen xx

  2. I feel that way about the Albert Nipon label ... it was actually his wife Pearl who designed those incredible fashions. I bought one in the early 80s ... sadly I wore it out!

    Lovely photo .... Happy New Year.

  3. I've not heard of your man Miyake(surprised?), but he looks to be one of the world's current posse of sculptor-designers. Fabulous.

  4. J that's a really lovely picture of you. Are you with your daughter? She's very pretty too. Turquoise suits you

  5. Lovely,how wonderful to own a "piece" of specialness of course with all these things you have to be able to wear them lol I can just see me in one...not!..just not got the shape or height but admire them very much,like some others I have not heard of him so will have to have a moment of Google.Have a wonderful new year.

  6. What a wonderful dress!
    It's perfect.

    Happy New Year!

    ♥ Franka

    (found your lovely blog via Anne ~ taste of italy)


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