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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mumblings and Musings of Two Sisters...Letter #6

P.O. Box 1354
Where the River meets the Lake Behind the Falls
On the Mainland

Darling V.
Oh what a Christmas this has been.  This poor little house has been tested to its limits.  I have spent the best part of the beginning of this new year soothing it back to wellness.  Some close attention is going to have to be paid over the next few months to repairing dings in baseboards and removing scratches from walls.  
However, that's the whole point isn't it?  To love and use what we are most fortunate to have.

I took the above photo when I was out walking yesterday morning.  Such a glorious sunrise.  The sky all grey and yellow and blue.  It makes me laugh out loud when I listen to the boffins on the radio prattle on about how 'unusual' these weather patterns are for this time of year.  One would think we had been keeping records since the beginning of time.  Mother Nature is far older, and far cleverer than any of these 'experts'. I have no doubt she knows exactly what she is doing!
 As you can see...only a little of the ice remains on the rocks at the water's edge, where previously Adventures of Poppy took place!  I honestly cannot get enough of this place.
It was so lovely to hear Master Jack's voice on Christmas Eve.  He sounds so grown up.  I am definitely making the journey out to see you all this year.  I have spoken my request to the Universe...and so it will happen.

I am thoroughly enjoying your Pink Bicycle blog.  You do have a way of capturing all things beautiful...I would love it if you would post more often though!  I know, I know, you are super-busy...just thought I would mention!  I loved the link to the YouTube video you sent me this morning.  Perhaps a post on that?  I think a lot of people would be inspired by the message.

Lots of activity on the Revo much so I have decided to create a separate blog for it.  Not sure if I am up to keeping two of them going, but Rudy says he will post on Revo too (hahaha!),  so we will see. It's just that hydration is such a different topic, I think (for my own sanity) a separate entity is called for.

Harvesting the Ice Wine grapes January 2011

The Ice Wine festival begins in earnest here next weekend.  It's been a dreadful year for this year's harvest (far too warm), but last year was perfect, and that's what the vintners will be showcasing this year.  A decision had to be made, just after Christmas, just to go ahead and pick the grapes, even thought they hadn't had the 10 successive days of -10 degree weather that is called for.  If they leave the grapes on the vine too long in these warmer temperatures, the dreaded mold starts to grow and they loose the entire crop.  So decided they did and went ahead and picked.  It means the harvest will be much smaller than they hoped and the wine will need a lot of the master-blenders' magic to save this year's wine.

Petra is coming for the street festival on January 21/22.  I'm secretly hoping for these warmer temperatures to hold through then.  It makes the event on the High Street so much more fun when we all aren't freezing to death.

So what are you plans for your birthday?...time to catch up dearheart.  Write soon, sending all my love.

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  1. That sunrise is so beautiful, J thank you for sharing it with us.


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