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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Piece of Cake...

John, over at Going Gently blogged this morning about his New Year Resolution
to finally shed some unwanted weight.

Like him, I stepped on the scales this past weekend
(I actually knew what I was going to see as present wardrobe is hugging
in all the wrong places.)
But was shocked all the same!

Time for action.
Sometimes you have to reach a certain place before the will is strong
enough to motivate.

Since 'discovering' exercise in my mid-30's (a while ago),
my weight hasn't varied very much.

But late 50's is presenting all sorts of physical and mental challenges
(see Jeanne at #$%%%! what the heck is her blog called?...Oh yes, now I remember,
Collage of Life's post today).

So...along with John, I am taking up the challenge of posting about my weight-loss adventure.

Being a woman though, I have no intention of speaking about numbers!  

I will merely post Happy Faces!

My method?
1200 to 1400 calories per day of nutritious, mindful eating
 (spread over three meals and two snacks)
Exercise 5 times per week.
No self-judgement, just positive encouragement
telling myself every morning:

and this...coming from a girl who loves everything about food!

This is going to be a piece of cake.


  1. Did you say cake?? :-) I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines as I posted about this same thing in my latest post as well!! Good luck, to both of us!!

  2. A large piece of cake, or a small piece of cake? My own problem is that I joined 'The Militant Eating & Drinking Club' when I was about 18.

  3. I am happy to see my blogging buddies are in the same boat. I have a terrible time with my weight...even worse since hurting my knee. I am going to start water aerobics next week to get this weight loss rolling.

    You must be very disciplined to workout 5 days a week J. Good luck with your task. Love that quote.

  4. No, I don't think it's going to be a piece of cake.

    More like cooked chicken with vegetables and rice, with an apple for desert. Something very healthy and sensible.

  5. Usually Christmas puts a little bit exra on my already chubby hips but this year was so busy that I barely got one serve of anything let alone 2! So that was my kick start to getting the extra off and I am also trying to shift a bit as they say..I will be cheering you on as well as myself.

  6. Great exercise water aerobics gentle on the joints. 5x a week isn't onerous, if it's just part of your life. An hour's walk a day, or if the weather continues to co-operate a bike ride here and there. Nothing to strain the brain!
    The thing is Rob-bear, I don't have a sweet tooth and chicken and rice is just as delicious to me as anything else.
    The nice part about just counting calories is that you can have everything, you just have to be honest about portion size.

  7. Apparently, most of us gain a few pounds over Christmas and I find the more I hop on and off the scales the more I make it worse .... so have hidden the scales away until the spring. Love your new header J. Think I'll just aspire to be a fat angel with a smiley face.

  8. I feel much the same and will start with raking my millions of leaves and being quite sensible with food like you.

  9. So wonderful that you can be outside to do it Olive. Love the new picture BTW!
    Im with you Molly...on and off the scales is not the way to go. Once a week tops. We all know by how our clothes fit if we are on need for silly numbers!

  10. OK, count me in -- no numbers of course.

    Your cadeau is on its way I'm told.



  11. Merci beaucoup Tish...needless to say the Detox one is the first I will try! LOL!
    and numbers!

  12. My Christmas was like a Blessed Life's, so busy I even dropped a few pounds...rumballs, mince pies, christmas cakes were just images rolling around in my head - not in my tummy!! Could be the new diet fad - you think about certain foods so much you actually think you did eat them - but you didn't !! LOL
    Even though I don't support the fashion industry promoting super thin models...I do like that Kate Moss poster saying.
    Happy New Year darling Sis.

  13. I need to listen to this. I do count calories, and try to exercise, but then I just forget what I'm doing when I have a bag of chips around. And then I feel guilty. But anyway, it really is better to enjoy food and not self-punish. I think that makes a happy, healthy person.

  14. The secret is Amy, no to let those naughty little chips come home from the store with you! Never, never, never self-punish. Food is a good thing.

  15. Good luck on your journey. I happen to love good food, too, and as we get older, it's harder and harder to maintain our weight. Oh, your Header is so pretty.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. good right behind you in the line for miso soup .....enjoy your salad daze!!


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