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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Darling Man

My most darling man
Seamus Heaney

was just awarded the Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry.

I know I wax poetic (excuse the pun) about this man...but just read/heard this, the poem he chose to read on CBC after he was awarded this prize:


And some time make the time to drive out west
Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore,
In September or October, when the wind
And the light are working off each other
So that the ocean on one side is wild
With foam and glitter, and inland among stones
The surface of a slate-grey lake is lit
By the earthed lightening of a flock of swans,
Their feathers roughed and ruffling, white on white,
Their fully-grown headstrong-looking heads
Tucked or cresting or busy underwater.
Useless to think you'll park or capture it
More thoroughly.  You are neither here nor there,
A hurry through which known and strange things pass
As big soft buffetings come at the car sideways
And catch the heart off guard and blow it open.


and tell me you aren't totally in love with this man!


  1. Dear Jacqueline, I soon as I get out of bed, I turn on my I pod and listen to the CBC, it is a ritual, like morning coffee, so when I heard this today, I felt the same way, exactly! What a treasure this man is! More than justly deserving of this award....thank you for bringing it to our attention. Hope all is as well as it can be..much love, N.xo

  2. The man is indeed a treasure. His words thoughtful, and precise.

    Ironically, I am starting to work more intentionally on my poetry. I've even started a poetry blog. Silly old Bear that I am.

    I hope that wonderful man stays healthy.

    1. Silly Old Bear? I think not...will have to pop over and check out your poetry blog!
      Indeed, healthy is good...I believe he's had some issues of late.

  3. 'Totally in love' might be exaggerating my own admiration, but he certainly gets my vote for the award. Postscript is delightful.

    1. I might have overstated my enthusiasm just a tad Cro...but his poetry certainly moves me.

  4. I have many of his books of poetry. Breathtaking. He translates the hidden language of a beautiful soul.

  5. favourite is The Spirit Level.

  6. I love the words of the post script - also that wonderful Gaelic Irish/Welsh accent.

  7. Molly...He's special, and thankfuly prolific! I have six of his books!

  8. Oh Jacqueline, what a treat to listen to Mr. Heaney this morning. This poem undoes me, every time I read/hear it. No one else seems to be able to capture the light and landscape of Ireland quite like him.

    "Useless to think you'll park or capture it/More thoroughly."

    Useless to think anyone could capture it more thoroughly than Seamus Heaney.

    Thank you for this.

    1. I hear you T. Better to have loved and lost (dear old Ireland) though?

  9. he reminds me of my next door neighbour.... fraid I have not heard of him... off to do a google!!!

  10. fraid I have not heard of him, although he looks like my next door neighbour
    off to google him!

    1. Deja vu all over again John? Google him...he's wonderful!

  11. Hi Jacqueline

    Thank you for this special post and reading by Seamus H.

    This poem is very special to me. Our farm was situated in Counties Clare and Galway. Now I have become homesick and long to see the flock of swans and have the wind blow away the cobwebs.

    Helen xx

    1. As Clear T states so beautifully Helen..."No one else seems to be able to capture the light and landscape of Ireland quite like him." You were very lucky to have lived there.


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