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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wildflowers, Vineyards, Memories, Garden Flowers and The War of 1812

Out and about today on my bicycle,camera in hand.

It was a rather overcast morning, wet after the storms that raged through the night, but warm and the light and air were soft.

Always my favourite place...I began in the woods.

I guess childhood memories of spending all day in places like this with my sister Victoria draw me to vistas like these.  Nothing quite smells like the wet earth of southern England, but still this pleases my soul.

On now to the water's edge...

and the vineyards...

I hear tell the mild winter, followed by early spring, has played havoc with the vines.

I don't think this is going to be a stellar year for wine,

but the vinyards look beautiful none the less.

As I meandered my way along, these darling little wildflowers framed the edges of my journey.

Heading across the Common, I stopped at these memorials to lives and events gone by...

"on the railroad here...I remember the day they loaded to go away...those tracks are gone now...These were our loyal boys, going off to make their contribution...I don't think I realized at the time how long he would be gone, or any of them would be gone...
...He was overseas for about four and a half years.  We got married in 1946."  Mrs. Kay Toye, NOTL, Ontario

"These pillars recognize their contributions and courage."

On my way back into town, I stopped to photograph some of the exotic-looking (to me) garden flowers that grow in abundance here.

So, wildflowers or garden flowers?  Which is your preference?
I know where my heart lies.

I don't know if you have heard, but this year is the bi-centennial anniversary of The War Of 1812.  

A very big thing in our little town, as a lot of the fighting went on here.

Town has numerous events planned to celebrate the anniversary and there are a lot of shopfront 'decorations' up too.  Some good, some not so good!

the local variety store...

the local bakery...

the Scottish Shop
(not sure what the baseball caps have to do with anything!)


our celebratory flag...a little disney-esque for me.

We even have 1812 wines...

and things are only just getting started!

Oh yes...and this Friday, Nik Wallenda is set to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire!


  1. I'm tickled from the inside out haven taken this brief journey with you today. Thanks for the delightful company and the exquisite views. Blessings in abundance for health and joy to you and yours.

    1. HA so lovely to have you along. Blessings on your most precious life too!

  2. Hi Jacqueline

    Your bike ride is so rich in scenery.
    I am particularly drawn to the wild flowers.
    This brought a tear to my eye:-
    "He was overseas for about four and a half years. We got married in 1946." Mrs. Kay Toye, NOTL, Ontario
    Thank you Mrs. Toye for your sacrifice also

    Beautiful writing Jacqueline!

    Helen xx

    1. So special isn't she Helen..we are blessed in this little town.

  3. A lovely ride. The columbines are gorgeous.

  4. Thank you for that lovely ride through your part of the world. As I have said previously we just loved Niagara on the Lake when we visited. A marvellous place.

  5. SH...hope to see you back soon. And if you are PLEASE call me and let's have tea!

  6. Lovely bike ride. But how odd to see two ENGLISH football caps at a SCOTTISH shop. Normally they support ANYTHING but ENGLAND!

    1. I think the owners are secretly English Cro! LOL!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful tour Jacqueline...gorgeous countryside where you live. I loved travelling with you...
    Jeanne xx

  8. Beautiful pictures Jacqueline. Lucky you to still have the Columbines. Ours comes and goes so quickly in early spring.

    You chose such lovely, interesting things to share with us on this tour. It is a delightful post.

    1. Things are getting a little silly with this bicentennial Sock'em...stay tuned!

  9. Your pictures are wonderful J - nostalgia - I can remember going for bike rides with my sister when we were teenagers. I love flowers and plants full stop - but the wild ones have an innocent beauty all of their own.

    1. There's just something about how they grow...anywhere and to love that kind of spirit!

  10. Love all those beautiful pictures! And the story with them.

    If i were a little closer, I'd walk the battlefields again. See where Brock died, and climb the Monument. Fight at a Lundy's Lane, or Chrysler's Farm further to the east. Check out Fort Erie. Lots of nostalgia for my Ontario home.

  11. Me too RB...wildflowers all the way.
    Hubby and I climbed the monument the other day, and stopped at the spot on the Niagara Parkway where Brock rallied the troops and cried "Push On!".


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