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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Very Good Thing

I have it on good authority (my husband heard it on the radio) that the American Kennel Association
is working with Dog Show authorities to change their standards of judging.

Up until now, it has been the traits of the pure-bred animal that has
led them to be show champions.

Traits which can often be detrimental to the health of the animal.

Well now, it seems, things are set to change.  And change for the better.

A certain allocation of marks will now go to the HEALTH of the animal, 
and if this flies in the face of the traits it has been bred for (think of the pushed-in face and barrel chest of the bulldog that lead to all kinds of breathing issues) 
then no matter.

Whomever spearheaded this change, to you I say 

We now will have healthier and I'm sure happier animals
and that has to be a 
Very Good Thing.


  1. Hello Jacqueline

    I am sure you husband heard this correctly. I am delighted with this news. We have always rescued dogs and they have been wonderful pets and in general of good health. Our current is Spice Girl, a hound mix, who is a great pet and has good health.
    Thanks for sharing and may your week continue to be brightened by good news

    1. Oh I love the pocket-boxer at the top!

    2. I'm trusting that he did Helen...we care too much about his for him to have it all wrong!!
      Spice Girl - love it!

  2. Hi Jacqueline,

    This is good news indeed! I wonder if this is true for cats as well. I have a rescued young Persian who persistently has sinus problems (infections, wheezing, mites) due to the structure of her smooshed-in face. The arbitrary nature of what traits are "desirable" is something I find ludicrous. I took in my poor, sickly kitty because I have the resources and time to be able to provide her with a good home and medical care. She is one of the lucky ones, and I am so blessed to have her in my life and home. I wouldn't trade her for anything, but I certainly wish she didn't suffer so much just trying to breathe.

    Have an enjoyable remainder of your week.


    1. Haven't heard anything about cats Anne, but let's hope the sense of it is contagious.

  3. A good move. How many lifetimes until there is an effect.

    1. Good question Joanne, but it has to begin somewhere.

  4. Does anyone have dogs other than 'rescue dogs'?

    A Loud BRAVO from here too J. Lets say goodbye to all those breeds that can hardly breathe, can't run, or are so small that they (and their neatly tied bows) fit into a back pocket!

    1. It's so disrepectful (to my way of thinking) to manipulate an animal just to suit human fancy. Just let the animal be an animal!

    2. Sort of speaks volumes about us humans too Cro, when we have so many animals that need rescuing!

  5. We've had purebred Standard Poodles. We wanted them as working dogs, and were looking for a particular temperament, coat, and ability to learn.

    Another time, I'd probably take a rescue. Of course, that's out of the question, as we cannot have dogs in our apartment building. Sigh!

    I think the AKA is on to something good.

  6. We own to pedigree English Springers.. I'm a total dog lover and it saddens me so when I see animals that are over-bred. This is a wonderful news and a step in the right direction. Now we need to stop the back yard breeding that can also be detrimental..

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. English Springers please!
      And as for the backyard breeders...these people are the lowest of the low.

  7. So nice to hear Pamela...hugs to Edward and Apple!


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