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Thursday, June 24, 2010

'You Promised to Take Care of Me'

V. I can't seem to stop thinking about a post a fellow blogger Tom Stephenson wrote
( on his blog about the story of dog who kept killing chickens that would escape their roost. The owners decided that to solve the problem the dog had to die... so they shot him!
Disposable cruel.
I have been seriously thinking of getting another dog since my beloved Cho Cho passed away this February. I take this ownership seriously and know the commitment that I will give when a pet comes into my life is a contract between myself and that dog that is unconditional. It is an agreement between myself, my soul and my dog.
I have been looking to adopt a rescue pup and visit the website daily to see where my heart is waiting for me. There is a post there of a darling dog who has been returned to the shelter because the owners are moving and they can't or don't want to take the dog with them.
How is that possible?
When you sign up to bring an animal into your life isn't it for better or worse?
Another couple I know have decided to move to a warmer climate to finish working on their masters, and don't want to take their two cats with them so they are looking for a new owner or perhaps they will just drop them off at a shelter!
Disposable tragic!
So, I ask myself what would I do if my dog kept killing my escaped chickens...I know what I do...I think the first approach would be to fix the roost so the chickens couldn't escape, or perhaps keep the dog inside while the chickens had a free runabout each day, there seems to be so many options available other than killing the dog.
Disposable love... how very, very sad.


  1. I don't think they shot Chico, but got a vet with a lethal injection - does that make any difference? I'd rather eat the chickens - is that logical? Some people have very different ideas to us, I think.

  2. No difference Tom, no difference...a life wasted is all.
    Disposable love makes me sad.

  3. You are completely correct V., disposable sad for all parties involved. Such a shallow way to give your heart.

  4. I never-EVER understood how someone could just give up their animals without any concern for their heart or well shameful. You must adjust *your* life if you've taken on that responsibility...period! J~

  5. I have had 2 dogs. My boy mooch died last Friday 13th of leukemia. He had an open sore towards the end on his lip that didn't bother him one bit, but was nasty for us and a bit smelly. We made a commitment to keep him and long and he was happy and comfortable. My other dog Gracie- also a lab, is almost 16. She is neurotic and thinks that 4 am is morning. She doesn't like to be left alone and ties us down significantly. Yes, it would be easier sometimes not to have a dog, after all out kids are grown and now we are tied to the dog. But, I am committed to making every day of her little old doggie life a good one, and will put up with and love all her crazy behaviours until she no longer enjoys her life. An animal is a committment. I have a very hard time with the disposable thing. Thats not love.


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