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Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Christmas Baking

Off to town tomorrow to my FIL's to meet up with my SILs and round out the Christmas treats with some

rum balls...

...and lady fingers.

The kids will be off with their Uncle chopping down Christmas trees.
My Miami kid and her husband won't be there, but they will be on their way soon.
Hopefully we will all meet up in the evening for dinner.
Tradition, tradition! Tradition!


  1. Love traditions Jacqueline! Sounds like a wonderful day...enjoy!

    Jeanne xxx

  2. I want to see what's behind the green door too...I'm sure it's cozily enchanting!
    I envy your holiday baking time with the's sounds so fun and embodies the spirit of the season...being with those you love and BAKING!!!
    Have a wonderful time...say hello to Dr.Oetker for me!
    xo J~

  3. FIL's kitchen is the size of a postage stamp; one of my SILs thinks she is channeling my late MIL and is impossible for the entire day; the temperature gets well above boiling point in the little house and the dog constantly is either under your feet or being yelled at! I wouldn't change a thing!

    Jessica...(see above) it's enormous fun and totally exhausting! We have been doing this since I moved to Canada 30+++ years ago minus the time we lived overseas. And yes...the secret ingredient - Dr. Oetker!

  4. Your treats look delicious....Daughter and I made chocolate dipped marshmallow lollipops and set them outside to cool on the patio table. An house later the squirrels had eaten 7! She was taking them to a party.

    Have a wonderful family dinner and tree cutting.

  5. I know I shouldn't laugh Chania...but really...the image of those squirrels on a marshmallow-sugar high! Hilarious!
    Happy Christmas!

  6. Lucky are they who have family around them at Christmas. Maybe that's why I find the whole thing such a 'non-event'... ours are spread all over the world.

  7. have fun with the family. I can taste those rumballs and ladyfingers.
    I miss Nono's and Nona's cookies, in particular the chocolate, walnut and orange ones...remember those J.?

  8. Cro...we have had Christmases with family and Christmases alone in far off places. I treasure the opportunity to be with family...but it does make me greedy. Now I want everyone to be seems there is always someone very far away.

    Do you think Adri might have those recipes V.? I'm getting very excited now!

  9. Those rum balls look yummy. Me and my sister were just talking on the phone today about Christmas traditions we had as kids. Traditions are so special, aren't they?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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